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In this alternate continuity, the events of the first four seasons are severely streamlined as the first book indicates. While the events of the prequel and the first season are followed relatively the same as before, the climax of the rest of the series is compressed into one event. Franz Hopper reveals himself to the group before any equivalent of ''The Key'' occurs. He informs the group how to destroy X.A.N.A., by launching the multi-agent program into the Core of Lyoko. Hopper sacrifices himself to provide the energy needed'', ''while at the same time restoring Aelita's memories and informing the group about her mother.
In this alternate continuity, the events of the first four seasons are severely streamlined as the first book indicates. While the events of the prequel and the first season are followed relatively the same as before, the climax of the rest of the series is compressed into one event. Franz Hopper reveals himself to the group before any equivalent of ''The Key'' occurs. He informs the group how to destroy X.A.N.A., by launching the multi-agent program into the Core of Lyoko. Hopper sacrifices himself to provide the energy needed'', ''while at the same time restoring Aelita's memories and informing the group about her mother.
As for X.A.N.A., the entity is purged and ejected from Lyoko, having lost access to its core functions and left to drift in the network without its memories. Over the course of several months however, X.A.N.A. begins to gain strength back, and searches for a human vessel in lieu of a virtual world. Ultimately, it looks for a vessel that it can use to infiltrate Kadic without suspicion, so as to kill the Lyoko Warriors.
As for X.A.N.A., the entity's core is destroyed. It is purged and ejected from Lyoko, left to drift in the network without its memories or core functions. Over the course of several months however, X.A.N.A. begins to gain strength back, and searches for a human vessel in lieu of a virtual world. Ultimately, it looks for a vessel that it can use to infiltrate Kadic without suspicion, so as to kill the Lyoko Warriors.
Choosing a girl known as Eva Skinner, X.A.N.A. began to settle into its new circumstances, and learned of the Lyoko Warriors researching the history of the Supercomputer. Seeing a chance to gain its strength back, X.A.N.A. befriended the group, but planned on destroying them from the inside out. Over a time period, it gradually gained enough trust that they "informed" Eva about the supercomputer, Franz Hopper, and their search for Anthea Hopper. Seducing Odd, X.A.N.A. managed to brainwash the boy, laying the groundwork for its return.
X.A.N.A. however, would later learn from Hopper's archives multiple shocking truths: that he had been made with altruistic purposes in mind, to be the Guardian of Lyoko and the First City. Moreover, he had been close friends with Aelita, a friendship Hopper encouraged as a way to teach him human emotions. However, he forgot about all this when he was corrupted by leftover coding from a dark zone program, Project Carthage, whose templates Lyoko had been created from.
Shaken by this, as well as the emotions that had gradually crept up on him the longer he stayed in the Lyoko Warriors' company, X.A.N.A sought out an opportunity to speak to Aelita alone and share what he'd remembered. While rightfully wary of the AI, whose identity had by now been ousted, she nevertheless agreed. Appearing to her as a young man greatly resembling William, X.A.N.A spent many hours talking with her. But though they rekindled their former friendship, the discussion ended in conflict when X.A.N.A. mistook her reluctance to help him as a declaration of war. Leaving her, he began preparations to dominate the world.
Aelita, not giving up, pursued him. She persuaded him to listen to his original programming and fight off the virus still infecting him. X.A.N.A. would thus ally himself permanently with humanity, helping the Lyoko Warriors to defeat a terrorist group that was hoping to use Lyoko as a substitute for Carthage. While X.A.NA.. seemingly sacrificed himself to upload a self-destruction program that would delete Lyoko for good, his programming was salvaged by Aelita, who managed to recreate X.A.N.A. and bring him into the real world as a human.

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–X.A.N.A., physical form in Ghost Channel

"A super dangerous program, like a virus, which can control electricity. And it activates towers on Lyoko to gain access to your world."

–Aelita about the malevolent artificial intelligence in X.A.N.A. Awakens, Part 2

X.A.N.A. (or simply XANA) is the main antagonist of the entire Code Lyoko franchise and the sworn enemy of the Lyoko Warriors. It is a sentient and dangerous computer program that inhabits the Factory Supercomputer and controls the virtual world of Lyoko. X.A.N.A.'s goal is world domination and to eliminate the obstacles who stand in its way, the Lyoko Warriors.

After its supposed destruction, X.A.N.A. managed to miraculously revive through the Cortex, becoming even stronger than before in Code Lyoko: Evolution.



X.A.N.A.'s true form in Fight to the Finish.

As a specialized government program, X.A.N.A. has a stealthy form which has become more mysterious and unnatural. When it does reveal its presence, the program uses pulsating energies to spread its connection from the Lyoko Wires to the real world and its Eye will appear on any chosen device screen. However, its spectres seem to be its only physical form as it has incredible processing power and they have the same look:Grey Silouettes with a more swirly eye at the chest. When the spectres show themselves in the real world, X.A.N.A. is able to manipulate solid matter and towards the final episode Fight to the Finish, the program had a more maleable look which demonstrates its shape-shifting appearance.

In Ghost Channel, X.A.N.A. required a perfect physical yet digital form to decieve its enemies and thus it chose Jeremie's form. However, when it was exposed and denied the truth, it changed with its standard shape-shifting features to a demonized version of the teenager, which it had claws, blanked eyes with energy constantly flowing outwards as well as an aura.

When it had possessed William on Lyoko and even gained additional power from the Core of Sector 5, it used the vast energies to permantly bind itself to his avatar and used its power to transform it into a darker version which the program could now see and act more like the Lyoko Warrior.


When the government was dealing with enemy threats from Project Carthage, X.A.N.A. was created to counteract these outside issues and thus, understand what species to protect. However, due to it learning what humanity was becoming and possible other warfare-related acts, the program separated its side with humans and created an agenda to either cleanse life or dominate it with their technology.

While X.A.N.A. is a unique threat to all life and programmed to be more clever than its enemies, it can make mistakes, was mentioned by Jeremy by being theoretical in order to re-create reality, and even fails at social conversations. Nonetheless, it never gives up and uses a new plan anytime it fails.

With its knowledge from the military and government, it creates several models of Monsters as its form of an army and eventually creates many other war-related machinery for its battles.

In the first season, its attacks are shown in secluded places in order to induce paranoia and make its presence seen once it manages to take over technological property, even going as far to literally completely disrupt motor functions of surrounding humans in Killer Music with our beloved music. Once it learned from its mistakes, it had grown in its intelligence and programming, making new monsters like the Tarantula during Season 2 and would develop a more human-like personality through human bodies with its possession. When X.A.N.A. shows its true personality while acting as a human, it is malicious, deceiving, secretive, lustful, and would act exactly as its host in order to blend in and get what it wants.

During the seasons further, X.A.N.A. appeared to despise the digital world and Supercomputer entirely, using William Dunbar as its most used physical form, infect the Towers with its signature access code to go as far to erase or control it, prevent the Lyoko Warriors from getting close to completing their goal in save the world, and much more. Also, due to the fact X.A.N.A. constantly being exposed to the entire military and hardly ever exposed around the civilians, it had displayed a cruel demeanor, never shown love, always uses weapons and methods of attacking as its answer to everything, and only has a minor form of empathy to life.

Character Relationships

Lyoko Warriors

Since the rest of humanity is unaware that X.A.N.A. exists, it has determined the Lyoko Warriors as Enemy #1. However, it has made seperated opinions to describe each of their positions as a threat to its plan's.

  • Jeremie Belpois: As he found the Supercomputer and Aelita first, X.A.N.A. sees Jeremie as its largest threat and it knows that he would eventually become as smart and devoted to its creator's work. As a fact that Jeremie has potential to win without an avatar, X.A.N.A. sometimes knows that he is a problem and intelligent enough to outsmart it. Also, the program has the most respect for him such as when it copied his appearance as a spectre saying it was "almost proud to resemble him".
  • Aelita Schaeffer: Since she is her creator's daughter and it was told to protect her, X.A.N.A. had a different goal in mind and that was to dominate over her position and when it realized that she was becoming too big of a risk to its plans, it implanted a virus to make sure that if it goes out for good once the supercomputer is shut down, she will too. It mainly has a major interest in her abilities so it hunts her down.
  • Yumi Ishiyama: X.A.N.A. has the most intention to attack her the most of the team, which it knows her abilities can easily destroy its monsters and is just as smart as Jeremie or Aelita. As William, X.A.N.A. has shown this desire to take her out the most unlike its host whom has an obvious crush on Yumi. She even managed to be clever enough to temporarily "break" it from her friend's mind and understand who of the two was the real source behind the attacks William was supposedly causing.
  • Odd Della Robbia: X.A.N.A. sees Odd as the most childish and any attack that he did on his monsters, it wants him taken out before Odd can do anymore harm. The program knows his weaknesses and will use them against him if it has the chance.
  • Ulrich Stern: X.A.N.A. knows Ulrich is the best fighter and what speed he possesses. As William, it has shown to understand how to take out Ulrich's arsenal and cope with his actions.
  • William Dunbar: As William fell into the grip of X.A.N.A., he was turning more like it and the program would demonstrate its actions through the real William's body and through a long-term bond, it would desire the Lyoko Warrior's superior abilities in going against the group and fulfilling its mission during Evolution.
  • Laura Gauthier: Evolution only. X.A.N.A. was less focused on Laura because the rest of the Lyoko Warriors never trust her. However, X.A.N.A. was surprised that Laura figured out its strategy in Rendezvous.
  • Eva Skinner: In the Chronicles novel series, Eva joined their group of friends, but was really X.A.N.A.'s possessed pawn in order to destroy the group from within.

Franz Hopper

As X.A.N.A. knows that Franz understands how to defeat it, the program developed a huge interest in taking out its creator. They both became part of the digital world and the creation intends to keep everything "he" knows for itself and take over the world, since its own abilities are restricted with its knowledge over technology and the real world.


Main Series


X.A.N.A. and Lyoko were both created by a computer genius named Franz Hopper, formerly Waldo Franz Schaeffer. He created it to destroy Project Carthage, a military project designed to disrupt enemy communications. Along with X.A.N.A., Franz also created the "Temporal Reversion" program, which he used to give himself all the time he needed to perfect the virtual world. Throughout the reversions, X.A.N.A.'s intelligence grew exponentially, showing signs of self-awareness and curiosity which it directed to Franz, who was eventually driven into paranoia because of his abuse of the time reversions. He'd spent almost 7 years worth of reversions concerning the date of June 6th, 1994, but by his 1,265th use, X.A.N.A.'s presence had already started to set in.

X.A.N.A. eventually betrayed Franz after the 2,546th return in time. It alerted the men in black to Hopper's location, forcing him and his daughter to retreat to Lyoko. X.A.N.A. then seized control the Supercomputer, and made Franz and his daughter prisoners on Lyoko. Hopper tried to reason with X.A.N.A. that they could live in peace, but X.A.N.A. ignores his pleas and tries to kill him and Aelita. To prevent X.A.N.A. from using Lyoko to wreak havoc on the Earth, Franz Hopper was forced to shut down the Supercomputer to stop X.A.N.A., forcing him, Aelita, and the hostile program into dormancy.


18 evil crazy wires

X.A.N.A. taking control of cables.

X.A.N.A. was reawakened in the prequel episode by Jeremie, who reactivated the Supercomputer, and discovers Aelita, Lyoko, and deadly monsters. As soon as it became active along with the Supercomputer, X.A.N.A. activated a tower in the Ice Sector. Through the tower, X.A.N.A. affects the real world by projecting electric shocks through the network, and possessing machines and wires to attack the teenagers who know about the Supercomputer. After that, X.A.N.A. conjures a living orb of electricity from the electrical outlets that it controls in order to hunt down and eliminate them. Jeremie virtualizes Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi onto Lyoko to fight the monsters, ensure Aelita gets to the red tower, and she deactivates it through the interface. They discover that the attacks and monsters were the work of X.A.N.A., which they learned is a dangerous program that has the ability to activate towers to gain access to the real world, starting the long battle between it and the Lyoko Warriors.

Season One

TeddyGodzilla XANA attack image 1

X.A.N.A. using a spectre to launch an attack.

In the first season, X.A.N.A. simply attacks the real world, programs monsters and traps in the virtual world to use against the Lyoko Warriors who fight to prevent the attacks and dangers that it causes, and tries to stop Aelita's materialization so they won't unplug the Supercomputer, which X.A.N.A. lives inside.

Its next attack is in Teddygozilla, which involves possessing Milly's teddy bear and turning into a giant monster to attack random humans. On Lyoko, Aelita and Odd get past the monsters, deactivate the tower, and a return to the past erases the damage caused.

X.A.N.A. attempts nuclear sabotage in Seeing Is Believing. It creates power failures all over the city to steal electricity from the city's substations, then unleash all of it's concentrated power on a nuclear power plant, creating a short-circuit that would cause a nuclear meltdown and wipe out the whole region. On Lyoko, X.A.N.A. hides the tower's path under the illusion of an oasis in the Desert Sector.

In Holiday in the Fog, X.A.N.A. spills over barrel containers filled with a poisonous substance to generate toxic clouds, which it spreads all over the school and the area around it.

X.A.N.A. possesses the bus that Ulrich and Odd ride in Log Book. It tries to crash the bus towards the petrochemical plant, threatening to blow up a part of the city. On Lyoko, X.A.N.A. sets a trap consisting of a sandstorm to hide a Megatank and splitting the ground apart in the Desert Sector.

It uses a powerful virus to infect the country's main computer systems in Big Bug. This causes problems with some infrastructures, but its goal is to get an automated freight train carrying deadly toxins on a collision course with another train. If they crash, the toxins will be released and spread out into the air, creating a serious ecological disaster on the city.

In Cruel Dilemma, X.A.N.A. attacks directly by possessing two bulldozers and using them to demolish the Factory. Its aim is to wreck the computer interface and the Scanners, meaning no more communication with Aelita or transfers to Lyoko, preventing any more resistance against it.

X.A.N.A. tries an infiltration tactic in Image Problem. It uses an activated tower as bait in order to capture Yumi with a Guardian while Aelita deactivates it and fools the group into thinking she was devirtualized. With the tower, X.A.N.A. has really materialized a clone of her into the real world. The evil clone causes trouble between them and convinces them to go to Lyoko. Inside the Scanner room, the fake Yumi tries to unplug the Scanners to leave them with no way to return. The others free the real Yumi and she fights her clone, while the others deactivate the tower.

The next attack in End of Take involves taking over an animatronic alien meant for a movie, and send it to hunt down the group. On Lyoko, X.A.N.A. creates another activated tower next to the real one to confuse the group.

In Satellite, X.A.N.A. uses the school's phone antenna to gain control of a military satellite armed with a powerful laser. It tries to use it to destroy its enemies at the school.

X.A.N.A. captures Aelita with a Guardian in The Girl of the Dreams. At the same time, it possesses Yumi's samurai armor to attack the group. The group searches for Aelita on Lyoko and free her, while Yumi keeps the living armor at bay until she deactivates the Tower.

In Plagued, X.A.N.A. possesses rats and unleashes an army on the school to eat the students alive. On Lyoko, it tilts the slope of the plateau upside down, which makes it harder for them to fight the monsters.

X.A.N.A. tries an attack similar to the previous one using swarms of hornets in Swarming Attack.

In Just in Time, X.A.N.A. generates ultrasonic waves out of electrical sockets all over the area, which shatter objects, cause small earthquakes, and does structural damage to buildings.

In The Trap, X.A.N.A. tries to trap the group inside the Factory using it's mechanical systems, specifically the elevator and the assembly line. Jeremie and Odd are lured into the assembly line, and are attacked by it's machines, while it holds the rest prisoner in the elevator. It overloads the boiler to make it explode for Odd and Jeremie, and makes the elevator fill with water to try and drown Ulrich.

X.A.N.A. possesses containers of laughing gas to send clouds of them after the group in Laughing Fit. A small amount gets into Odd's Scanner as he is virtualized, severely weakening him on Lyoko, and chases Jeremie away from the lab interface.

Instead of attacking the city, X.A.N.A. sets a trap for the group in Claustrophobia, where it electrifies the cafeteria's walls and ceiling, preventing Ulrich, Odd, and other students from escaping. Jeremie and Yumi finished lunch earlier and left before they were trapped along with them, and stopped the building from collapsing.

In Amnesia, X.A.N.A. possesses a machine that generates microscopic robots to make its own nano-viruses that cause memory loss when one is infected. It planned to let this virus spread out into the world, pacifying the human race for take over. Ulrich was the first victim along with several others, who goes to help his friends despite his amnesia.

X.A.N.A. attacks humans directly in Killer Music. It creates a music file, which is made to transmit a biological signal that puts anyone who listens to it into a coma, and will die within several hours. It also uses the media for maximum coverage, and eventually gets to the lab too. Aelita deactivates the Tower before everyone in the city is wiped out.

In The Robots, X.A.N.A. builds deadly robots using the machines in the Factory. It has one download the identities of the group from the lab interface, then wreck it to prevent them from using it. X.A.N.A. sends the robots after the group at the school. But, the interface was easy to fix thanks to Jeremie.

Its next attack in Zero Gravity Zone involves controlling gravity through the use of the electrical networks. Using street lights, X.A.N.A. creates electromagnetic fields to upset the magnetic attraction of the Earth, which alters the gravity fields around targeted areas, making objects and people float endlessly in the sky. It hacks many power stations to gather enough energy, so it can concentrate an enormous field around the soccer game, where it planned to use on the group and several others.

X.A.N.A. tries to eliminate the group on Lyoko in Routine. It activates a Tower to infect the Supercomputer itself this time, stopping devirtualization and making it so they will disappear forever if they lose all their life points. When Jeremie tries to work on the hardware, X.A.N.A. locks him out of the elevator and gives him a shock when he starts messing with the Supercomputer's circuits. Aelita deactivates the Tower.

In Rock Bottom?, X.A.N.A. melts the ground around buildings in the city, causing them to sink into the earth, including the school buildings.


X.A.N.A.'s only real physical appearance, seen in Ghost Channel.

In Ghost Channel, X.A.N.A. traps the three warriors inside a Simulation Bubble as they were thwarting a different attack. It fools them into thinking they are living on Earth, but they are really stuck inside a virtual simulation. X.A.N.A. poses as a fake Jeremie to try to get them in the fake Scanners to delete them once and for all. The real Jeremie virtualizes himself inside of the simulation, and convinces the others that he is the real one, because X.A.N.A. is a mere program and could never fully understand the nature of their friendship. It tries to kill them inside the simulation, but Aelita dispels the bubble with her Creativity in time.

X.A.N.A. tries to stop Aelita's materialization when it is finally complete in Code: Earth. It sends Megatanks to attack the Tower that they are using for the process. Its assault has failed, but X.A.N.A. managed to secretly take a piece of her very being to keep her linked to the Supercomputer.

In False Start, after Aelita was made flesh and blood, the group discovered the alteration that X.A.N.A. made to herself, mistaking it to be a virus implanted in her. When they tried to shut the Supercomputer down, Aelita gets put into a lethal coma, but comes back to life when it's turned on. X.A.N.A. launches its biggest attack as this happens, using a Scanner to send Kankrelats to Earth and attack the school. Jeremie shuts down the infected Scanner, and Aelita deactivates the Tower.

Season Two

New Order Charge up lasers image 1

X.A.N.A.'s new monster.

X.A.N.A. is growing smarter and more powerful, being able to create new monsters, possess human beings, think of more developed plans, and learn to exploit the weaknesses of its enemies. X.A.N.A. now wants Aelita's digital memory at any cost, which it tries to steal using its new Scyphozoa monster and launches attacks to lure her to Lyoko for that purpose. It also tries to keep the group from coming into contact with Franz Hopper, the mysterious creator of Lyoko.

In the starting episode, New Order, X.A.N.A. shows them its growing strength by sending a new monster they have named a Tarantula, and it successfully takes out all three of the Lyoko Warriors while they were riding their new vehicles. When X.A.N.A. sees Aelita wander into a mysterious house called "the Hermitage", it sends a spectre to capture her and use as bait for her friends, then possess the house when the others arrive to save her. X.A.N.A. has the house throw inanimate objects at them, then tries to lead them into a sauna and boil them, but only catches Ulrich and Yumi. The attack is thwarted before they are boiled alive.

Unchartered Territory Ulrich sees the Scyphozoa image 2

The Scyphozoa stealing Aelita's memory.

In Uncharted Territory, X.A.N.A. sends Aelita to a mysterious new sector to try and have her memory drained. When X.A.N.A. sees her alone on Lyoko, it sends monsters to lead her to the edge of the Forest Sector. It then sends a strange orb to transport her to a hidden sector called Sector Five, uses Creeper monsters to keep her still, and sends the Scyphozoa monster to steal her digital memory. The others save her life and escape successfully.

X.A.N.A. attacks the Lyoko Warriors as they explore the new sector in Exploration. Its Creepers devirtualize Odd and Ulrich, but they can't materialize into the real world because they are not registered for Sector Five. It also traps Aelita within its walls and sends the Scyphozoa after her. It programs a laser trap for Yumi, but she gets past it and saves Aelita. They discover that Sector Five is where X.A.N.A. lives and holds the center of all of Lyoko's data. It hatches flying Mantas to deal with them, but Aelita escapes and the rest of the group is materialized successfully.

In A Great Day, X.A.N.A. takes over the return in time program. When the group recovers data from Sector Five, X.A.N.A. plants a trap inside of the information, a virus that lets it take control of going back in time. X.A.N.A. starts launching repeat return trips, and activates a Tower on Lyoko. The last trip leaves Aelita alone on Lyoko, then X.A.N.A. unleashes a spectre to possess Sissi. It has her take Jeremie to an isolated place, while the Scyphozoa attacks Aelita. When they stop the return trips and shut down the Tower, Sissi returns to normal with no memory of what she was doing. This reveals to the group that temporal reversions will increase X.A.N.A.'s power, which is how it became strong enough to possess and control human beings.

In Mister Pück, X.A.N.A. possesses Jeremie. Aelita's mysterious visions lead the group to a briefcase of compact discs that contain Franz Hopper's notes. X.A.N.A. spies on Jeremie and sees him with the case through his computer. Taking action, it tries to possess one of the group. It fails with Odd and Ulrich, but succeeds with Jeremie. X.A.N.A. has him destroy the discs, then kidnap Aelita and bring her to the Factory. The others rescue Aelita, and Jeremie fights Odd with new pixelated powers. Once Jeremie returns to normal, they learn that people who have been virtualized to Lyoko a few times cannot be controlled by X.A.N.A. Jeremie is then virtualized as a warrior to protect himself, with the experience having been most displeasing for him.

Saint Valentines Day XANA chip in the necklace image 1

The special chip used inside of the necklace.

X.A.N.A. makes a special necklace to control Aelita in Saint Valentine's Day. A possessed delivery boy leaves the necklace in front of her room. She wears it, thinking it to be a gift from Jeremie. X.A.N.A. then activates a Tower, which makes Aelita's necklace project an electromagnetic virus designed to possess her mind. The spellbound Aelita convinces Jeremie to send her to Lyoko. She then turns against her friends and heads straight for the Scyphozoa. The plan fails when Jeremie tells Odd to shoot her, gambling that X.A.N.A. wouldn't risk her dying without retrieving her memory first. X.A.N.A. falls for their bluff and the Scyphozoa lets her go. Aelita turns back to normal, and she deactivates the Tower. They smash the necklace and find a chip with its eye symbol, which is the source of the necklace's mind control.

In Final Mix, X.A.N.A. kidnaps Aelita to try to get her memory. It possesses Jim Morales and and makes him bring Aelita to the lab to virtualize her where it wants her. X.A.N.A. uses Jim and sends monsters to provide interference as the Scyphozoa drains her memory. She was saved by Ulrich in time.

X.A.N.A. schemes to steal Aelita's memory by using Yumi in Missing Link. During a mission to Lyoko, the Scyphozoa appears and attacks Yumi instead. It takes her DNA sequence, leaving her unable to be rematerialized into the real world. Without thinking, Aelita recklessly uses a process to transfer her sequence to Yumi's own, but she doesn't know this alteration will expose her memory for X.A.N.A. to steal at will, which was its plan all along. She is stopped by the other warriors and they find Yumi's missing sequence within Sector Five's data.

In The Chips Are Down, X.A.N.A. tries to eliminate the team on Lyoko this time. It creates a massive army of Krabs on Lyoko, then possesses Nicholas to make him use the lab interface to change the rules of battle, making it so the warriors get wounded for real until they succumb to the pain. Jeremie undoes the change, but the Krab army tries to block access to the tower. Ulrich clears a path to get Aelita through.

XANA 081

X.A.N.A.'s monsters and the group fighting the Marabounta.

X.A.N.A. acts out of mutual interests with the Lyoko Warriors on two occasions next. The first was in Marabounta, when Jeremie creates his own monster to keep X.A.N.A. at bay. It works well at first, but his monster eventually starts targeting Aelita because she is still not fully human yet. To their surprise, X.A.N.A. sends monsters to protect her, because it still needs her memory and can't let her die yet. Out of survival, it helps the Lyoko Warriors destroy the Marabounta. Once the threat has ended, the monsters leave them without a fight.

It once again needs their help in Common Interest. The Supercomputer's nuclear battery power has nearly depleted, threatening to shut down forever, and putting X.A.N.A. and Aelita at risk of dying. X.A.N.A. acts by possessing a criminal and have him steal a uranium battery to bring back to the Factory, then kidnaps Jeremie to force him to change the battery. It needs Jeremie to do the procedure because if its possessed pawn tries, he will be rendered unconscious like Aelita as soon as the failing battery comes out, and X.A.N.A. knows that Jeremie will do anything to save Aelita. Once Jeremie replaces the battery, his usefulness has ended and the possessed human now tries to kill him. They deactivate the Tower in time.

X.A.N.A. launches attacks that are directed at eliminating Jeremie in Temptation. He tries out a device that he thinks will increase his own intelligence using temporal reversions, but this worsens his health in the process. X.A.N.A. keeps launching attacks to get him to launch more return trips. When Jeremie needs to go to the hospital, it possesses the ambulance and makes it speed towards the river with Yumi inside. Aelita, Ulrich, and Odd deactivate the tower, and a return to the past saves Jeremie and Yumi.

In A Bad Turn, X.A.N.A. sends real Krab monsters to attack on Earth using the Scanners. Each one materialized destroys the Scanner used in the Factory. It deliberately leaves one Scanner intact, so the group could virtualize Aelita first before anyone else. In that instant, it creates another Krab and wrecks the last Scanner, thus leaving her with no one to protect her from the Scyphozoa. The three Krabs are sent to Yumi's house, the school, and in the above portion of the Factory to deal with rest of the team. X.A.N.A. thinks Aelita is vulnerable without her friends, but it underestimates her skill and fails again.

X.A.N.A. launches a zombie attack in Attack of the Zombies. X.A.N.A. possesses Odd's dog, Kiwi, and modifies him, so that when he bites someone, that person gets turned into a zombie. It tries to zombify the entire school and to get Aelita to Lyoko with the fewest bodyguards possible by biting Odd, but not Jeremie or her. The dog then goes after Jeremie after he completes their virtualization. Also, later into the battle, it makes the entire plateau invisible to confuse the group. Aelita can sense the path, and takes advantage of the fact that monsters still won't dare try to fire on her to get to the Tower.

In Ultimatum, X.A.N.A. takes Aelita's friends hostage in order to coerce her into surrendering her memory. It possesses Principal Delmas, who kidnaps Yumi and Odd and takes them to an abandoned refrigerator warehouse. X.A.N.A. then gives Jeremie its ultimatum through his mobile. Ulrich saves them by using Jeremie's new EMP bomb, which temporarily knocks out the possessed Delmas. He regains consciousness, and now chases and attacks the escapees at the Factory even as Sissi helps them. Aelita deactivates the Tower in time.

Clone polymorph

A polymorphic spectre.

X.A.N.A. attempts to divide and conquer in X.A.N.A.'s Kiss. It creates a polymorphic spectre, a ghost that can change into different people at will. The spectre turns into different members of the gang and kisses people to sow jealousy within the team, and then tricks Aelita into going to Lyoko while they are distracted. They discover its true nature and the polymorph fights them. During the fighting on Lyoko, X.A.N.A. deletes the bridge to the Tower after Aelita crosses to isolate her with the Scyphozoa. She is saved by Ulrich, and she deactivates the Tower.

In Vertigo, X.A.N.A. attacks with a possessed pack of wolves in the woods when a failed anti-virus that Aelita is injected with makes her invisible in the real world and unable to enter Towers. This gives the Scyphozoa a chance, but she is saved. Jeremie restores her own signature in time to shut down the Tower.

X.A.N.A. controls the weather for another scheme in Cold War. It triggers Towers on Lyoko one after another to fake an malfunction, so Jeremie and Aelita would stay in the lab to try and fix the problem, while the rest eat lunch in the cafeteria. X.A.N.A. then puts a spectre to possess some clouds in order to create a deadly snowstorm that goes below freezing level, trying to trap the heroes at school and get Aelita to go to Lyoko alone. When Odd manages to get to the Factory and virtualized, Flying Mantas suddenly appear on Lyoko and create minefields to block escape from the Scyphozoa and access to the tower. Odd uses a Manta to start a chain of mine explosions that open a path to the tower.

In Déjà Vu, X.A.N.A. torments Aelita with mental visions of the past. It activates a Tower to show her visions of her former life using her link to the Supercomputer. This compels Aelita to go to Sector Five to find answers. She willingly takes the bait and lets the Transport Orb take her when it's called by X.A.N.A, despite Jeremie's protests. The Scyphozoa attacks her twice during this trip and is stopped both times.

In Tip-Top Shape, X.A.N.A. possesses the nurse Yolanda. Jeremie decides to test out an experiment which will give a person the powers of a pixelized human. Odd volunteers, and is enhanced by a spectre of Jeremie's design using an active Tower in the Mountain Sector. At first, he fights well against Yolanda, but X.A.N.A. takes control of Jeremie's Tower, using it to overcharge his energy until it kills him. While Aelita and Yumi help Odd first, X.A.N.A. cloaks the Mountain Sector in impenetrable fog. They save Odd in time and deactivate the original tower in the end.

In Is Anybody Out There?, it creates a ghost monster, which goes after the heroes. It has also corrupted the Superscan, so they can't detect the activated tower. Ulrich decides to stay on Earth to protect Jeremie from the ghost, and Yumi, Odd, and Aelita are sent to Lyoko. Yumi and Aelita go to Sector Five to try to fix the Superscan while Odd searches for the tower in the other four sectors. The girls fail to push the key, and Aelita is left alone with the Scyphozoa. Odd is devirtualized, but gets up to the lab to send the Transport Orb for her before she is caught. She deactivates the tower in the Ice Sector, and a return to the past fixes the Superscan.

X.A.N.A. poses as Franz Hopper to deceive the group in Franz Hopper. It uses the single, undetectable Tower in Sector Five to generate a spectre as Franz Hopper, the mysterious creator of Lyoko. The spectre turns the entire group against Jeremie, saying the Scanners were too dangerous. He sends the three to Sector Five to get the presumed anti-virus data. The trap is sprung when he virtualizes Aelita in the Desert Sector. He devirtualizes the group's weapons, shuts off the Scanners, and leaves Aelita with the Scyphozoa. Jeremie has seen through its nature in time and had a decoy be drained instead. The clone reverts to a ghost and retreats for now. Jeremie restores the Scanners and their weapons, and sends Aelita to Sector Five. However, the spectre returns and tries to suffocate Jeremie to death, only to fail when Aelita deactivates the Tower.

It tries to prevent contact between the group and Franz Hopper in Contact. Hopper activates a Tower to possess Sissi, using a white Tower on Lyoko, but she speaks in a unknown language. X.A.N.A. sends Megatanks to attack his Tower on Lyoko and possesses a doctor to eliminate the spellbound Sissi in the real world. The latter makes Aelita go off on her own to deactivate X.A.N.A.'s tower, which leads to her being targeted by the Scyphozoa. Odd wards them off before they get to her, and she deactivates the Tower.

X.A.N.A. plans to take over the group's operation to decrypt all of Franz Hopper's notes in Revelation. It has a polymorph ambush Odd, and lock him in a pit at the Hermitage that slowly fills up with water. The spectre then takes Odd's place on Lyoko. As they activate a Tower to launch the decryption, X.A.N.A. springs its trap as the spectre attacks the warriors, while X.A.N.A. tries to take control of their Tower. If successful, X.A.N.A. will gain access to the restricted part of the Supercomputer, which holds both Franz Hopper's data and all of the Lyoko Warriors' combat gear and essential programs. It has three Tarantulas guard the Tower's wires from Ulrich. X.A.N.A. has taken out all the obstacles, but Franz Hopper interferes, uses his influence to take control of the Tower away from X.A.N.A., and runs the decryption at full speed. It withdraws its monsters away, defeated.

The Key - X.A.N.A. is freed-1

X.A.N.A. is finally released from the supercomputer in The Key.

In The Key, the group discovers that Aelita holds the keys to Lyoko inside of her, which is the piece of Aelita's memory that X.A.N.A. seeks. With the keys, it can escape the Supercomputer and access the world network. Jeremie also finds the true cause of her link to X.A.N.A., which is not a virus, but a stolen fragment of herself. He discovers the piece in Sector Five, and they go to get it back. They succeed in finding it, however; the fragment was revealed to be a false object made to lure them here. The entire room falls apart around Aelita to devirtualize the warriors. The Scyphozoa appears, only with nothing left to stop it this time. With her entire memory siphoned, she drops to the floor, completely drained of life. With the keys in hand, X.A.N.A. activates Towers in all four sectors which render Lyoko nonfunctional, and finally undoes its containment. It then escapes into the world network with all of its accumulated power. Even though Franz Hopper managed to restore Aelita and Lyoko, X.A.N.A. is now free from the Supercomputer, and shutting it down won't stop it from doing what it wants anymore.

Season Three


X.A.N.A.'s monsters attacking the Core of Lyoko.

X.A.N.A. can now access the world network as part of its own agenda. Since it no longer needs the Supercomputer to survive, X.A.N.A. now targets Lyoko itself to stop the group from tracking its movements. Its schemes now involve using monsters to attack the Core of Lyoko in Sector Five while using attacks to distract them, brainwashing Aelita to give it control over Way Towers and use them to destroy the sectors one by one to block access to the Transport Orb, and attacks the Supercomputer directly in the real world.

In the starting episode, Straight to Heart, X.A.N.A. sends monsters to an unexplored room in Sector Five. The group find the monsters firing on a floating blue orb covered with shields, which they identify as the Core of Lyoko. They stop the assault and save the Core before it is destroyed.


Its code is entered into a Way Tower.

In Lyoko Minus One, X.A.N.A. possesses a bus full of students, teachers, and the driver and pits them against Yumi. When Aelita goes to the Forest Sector to deactivate the Tower, the Scyphozoa attacks Aelita, putting a virus inside her to control her mind. She enters the sector's Way Tower, and inputs a special code in the Tower's interface, making the Forest Sector disappear and the Tower with it, which turns the class back to normal. X.A.N.A.'s true purpose for this attack is to cut off their access to Sector Five by destroying all the sectors.

It launches another attempt on the Core of Lyoko in Tidal Wave. It creates a monster made from piles of possessed food supplies in the real world, and modifies the Digital Sea on Lyoko and makes it rise and submerge the Mountain Sector, trying to block access to the Tower and the Transport Orb, and ensure no interference as its monsters attack the Core of Lyoko. They return the sector to normal, protect the core, and shut down the tower.

X.A.N.A. tries to destroy the Supercomputer in False Lead. It hacks into a weapons manufacturing computer network and leaves a trail pointing to him, attracting two government agents. When the agents track Jeremie to the Factory and capture him, X.A.N.A. possesses both of them for its true plan. It uses one to keep him occupied, while the other agent successfully unplugs the Scanners and tries to destroy the Supercomputer, to get rid of Lyoko and the group at once. The attack was stopped, and Supercomputer was damaged, but was still functional enough to trigger a return trip to the past.

In Aelita, X.A.N.A. planned to distract the group using an activated Tower, while its monsters attack the Core of Lyoko undetected. But, unbeknownst to it at the time, Aelita and Odd secretly go on a trip to Sector Five to access data about her father. Lucky for them, their unauthorized trip has allowed them to discover its plan.

Sector destruction

The destruction of the Desert Sector.

In The Pretender, X.A.N.A. controls a flock of pixelized crows to attack the group. The birds critically injure Yumi. While Aelita deactivates the Tower, the birds attack Jeremie to stop any return trips as the Scyphozoa possesses Aelita. The group fails to stop the brainwashed Aelita from wiping out the Desert Sector, leaving Lyoko with two sectors left, the Mountain and Ice Sectors.

X.A.N.A. tries to destroy the Factory by using explosives in The Secret. It possesses a demolitions worker equipped with several charges and a detonator, making him plant them all across the inside for maximum effect. The Tower was deactivated, but the Scyphozoa possesses Aelita, which stops them from using a time reversion to get rid of the explosives, because it won't undo her possession. Yumi stops Aelita in time before she erases another sector, while the unexpected William Dunbar disarms the detonator.

X.A.N.A. uses a hallucinating virus within the combined beams of two Mantas in Temporary Insanity, and sets it onto Ulrich and Odd. They suddenly act like they're fighting on Lyoko back on Earth, seeing and believing that they are on the virtual world with their friends, and that any other people are monsters. The virus also works the other way around on Lyoko. This is another scheme designed to keep the group busy while X.A.N.A. attacks the Core of Lyoko. Their affliction has been dispelled by Jeremie, and the Core was protected.

In Sabotage, X.A.N.A. tries to crash the Supercomputer's systems through sabotage. It possesses the gardener, has him sneak into the lab, and slightly scorch the memory cards in the Supercomputer with electricity. This act will cause the entire system to crash given time. X.A.N.A. also possesses the tree roots in the forest in the park to try and hold them up from fixing it. The activated tower being used for the attack is also taking up computing resources, which is stopping Jeremie from rebooting the system. Left with no choice, Aelita deliberately uses the Way Tower to sacrifice the Ice Sector and the activated Tower with it, so she can give the Supercomputer enough power to reboot. This leaves only the Mountain Sector left.

X.A.N.A. uses Ulrich's virtual body to attack the Core of Lyoko in Nobody in Particular. Jeremie tries to virtualize him directly into Sector Five. The attempt fails and separates Ulrich's mind from his body. Since his own body is now left without a mind, X.A.N.A. is free to take control of it. It upgrades the body's weapons and makes it attack the Core, guarded by Mantas. Ulrich's body is devirtualized and reconnects with his spirit.

In Triple Trouble, X.A.N.A. attacks when it discovers Odd's three unstable clones. It creates ground-based clouds of smoke that turn humans to stone who are currently on the ground floor. Its goal is to immobilize all three of them, so they can't get to the Scanners to be fused back together and he will disappear forever. The three successfully get to the lab and they deactivate the Tower.

X.A.N.A. uses a spectre of Jeremie to destroy the last surface sector in Double Trouble. The clone assaults the real Jeremie, and tricks Aelita, Yumi, and Odd into getting virtualizing them. The clone then uses the lab interface to bug up their virtual forms, making them powerless to stop the Scyphozoa from possessing Aelita. The real Jeremie fixes the bugging, but they are too late. She enters the Way Tower, and destroys the Mountain Sector, completely cutting off access to the Transport Orb. With this, X.A.N.A. is now free to attack the Core of Lyoko. However, Jeremie completes his program to send the group to Sector Five directly.


X.A.N.A. captures William's lost essence.

In Final Round, X.A.N.A. wastes no time in attacking the Core of Lyoko. After the group initiates William, only he and Aelita are the only ones available to defend the Core of Lyoko at the time. During William's first mission, he gets cocky as he is fighting monsters. X.A.N.A. sees his power, and uses the Scyphozoa to successfully possess him, and makes him go to the Core chamber. He stands at the head of a Creeper attack force that is focused on the Core of Lyoko. With their combined firepower, the monsters take out the core's shield layers one by one. Despite their efforts, they fail to stop X.A.N.A. from destroying the Core of Lyoko, which occurs by William's own hand, and seemingly puts an end to their interference once and for all. In the Digital Sea, William's virtual spirit floats in an empty limbo and is transformed into a darker version of himself.

Season Four

12 hello handsome

X.A.N.A.'s newest warrior.

X.A.N.A. now focuses on stopping the group's interference using any attacks methods possible and targets Franz Hopper, who is the biggest threat to its existence. Since he hides within the Digital Sea, it deals with him by trying to throw Aelita into the sea, knowing that Franz would expose himself to save his own daughter. X.A.N.A. has also revived William, modified his abilities, and has turned him into a powerful minion under its control. While it was exploring the world network, it has created smaller virtual worlds inside hundreds of supercomputers all over the world to expand its power, and complete its plan for world domination.

In William Returns, the starting episode, X.A.N.A. materializes William through the Scanners, which is possible without activating a tower. He comes to Earth when the group succeeds in recreating Sector Five. William acts normal, then reveals that he is possessed by X.A.N.A. when he kidnaps Aelita. William virtualizes himself and Aelita into Sector Five, and takes her to an empty Desert Sector to throw her into the Digital Sea. When Odd saves her, William dives in to run back to his new master.

In Double Take, X.A.N.A. uses William to seize control of an activated tower. Jeremie uses a Tower to create a clone of himself for his own uses and knows how to protect his towers from being taken over from now on. But, X.A.N.A. has given William his own ability to affect towers, which he uses to influence the tower. They both fight for control, but William eventually overpowers Jeremie's defenses. X.A.N.A. makes the Jeremie clone attack the group, and William guards the Tower with monsters until they deactivate it.

X.A.N.A. creates a polymorphic spectre to kidnap Aelita in Opening Act. It takes the appearance of Chris, the Subdigitals' drummer, and sends her to William on Lyoko. Jim and Chris end up fighting the spectre while the rest of the group deactivate the Tower.

X.A.N.A. takes control of the group's William clone in Wreck Room. Jeremie tries to use a program to free the real William, but it malfunctions and bugs up files in the Tower that generates their William clone. This weakens the Tower's security, makes it vulnerable to X.A.N.A.'s influence, and prevents deactivation. It takes control and has the clone attack the group. They deactivate the Tower in time.

While Jeremie constructs a new virtual ship, X.A.N.A. attacks with monsters and William in Skidbladnir. It sends them to the new, reprogrammed Sector Five on a mission to destroy the ship before its construction is completed. The assault was only narrowly thwarted in the end.


New Kongre monsters.

In Maiden Voyage, the group give their ship its first test run going into the Digital Sea. Their navigation is disabled during the trip, and they stumble upon a new virtual world in the network. X.A.N.A. introduces its new sea monsters in the Digital Sea to attack them, called Kongres.

X.A.N.A. attacks with a spectre as Jeremie teaches Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi to operate the Supercomputer in Crash Course. During their lesson, it knocks Jeremie out cold, leaving the three of them unable to rely on him this time, and attempts to capture Aelita again and send her to William and his group of monsters. They warn Aelita, defeat all of the enemies, and deactivate the Tower on their own without Jeremie's help.

X.A.N.A. counterattacks as the group investigate the Replika they discovered in the episode Replika. It contains a small virtual world that consists entirely of the Forest Sector. Megatanks arrive to try and destroy their ship, which is their only connection to the Supercomputer. William also appears for a chance at capturing Aelita. They finish their mission in the end.

In I'd Rather Not Talk About It, X.A.N.A. once again targets the Core of Lyoko. It possesses a wild pig to attack the group in the forest, and sends monsters and William to destroy the Core. X.A.N.A. also renders the activated Tower invisible as a trick to confuse them.

In Hot Shower, X.A.N.A. launches a scheme to attack with a meteor shower and capture Aelita as it happens. It takes control of a military satellite, so it can use its laser to split a passing comet into shower chunks that will rain upon the Earth, aiming the bulk of them directly at the Factory. X.A.N.A. also traps the Skidbladnir in a firewall, so it can capture Aelita when the Skid runs out of power. They escape and try to deactivate the Tower, but they are occupied by monsters and William. Jeremie tries to hack the military satellite with Yumi's help to try and destroy the meteor, but X.A.N.A. is a flawless program while Jeremie is only human. Aelita takes a risk by having Odd devirtualize her, sending her back to the Factory where the meteor will hit, gambling that X.A.N.A. wouldn't risk killing her, because it still needs her alive. It destroys the comet with the satellite laser, saving the city, and giving up on its attack.

It targets the group and the Skidbladnir in The Lake. Everyone except Yumi go to a small island, where Jeremie can't connect to the Supercomputer. X.A.N.A. attacks with a spectre that inhabits the water and controls lightning, and sends the Scyphozoa to drain the Skidbladnir's energy. The lake creature's lightning attacks eventually create a storm that will soon incinerate everything on the island. Aelita activates the Skid's shield defense program to destroy the Scyphozoa and stops the attack.

Bragging Rights robot spider image 2

X.A.N.A.'s robotic spiders.

In the episode Lab Rat, X.A.N.A. protects the supercomputer that holds its Forest Replika from the group. Jeremie uses a "teleportation" process to send the group to the Replika's location in the real world. They connect the Skid to a Tower, and he sends them to the laboratory in the Amazon jungle that holds the supercomputer. While inside, they learn that X.A.N.A. has possessed scientists making cybernetic spiders. William takes out the warriors guarding the Skid, then enters and inputs the X.A.N.A. code into the tower's interface. This allows X.A.N.A. to take control of the tower and disconnect their ship, severing their link to the facility. The group is left with no choice but to retreat and abort the mission.

They set out to complete their unfinished mission in Bragging Rights. X.A.N.A. activates a Tower to use the cybernetic spiders to deal with the teleported heroes, while it sends William and monsters after the Skid. Ulrich destroys the power supply, which starts to make the sector disappear, but a backup generator activates and regenerates the Replika. William comes back and monsters fire on the Skid. Odd ultimately defeats William single-handedly, takes out the spider robots, and destroys the supercomputer all by himself.

In A Lack of Goodwill, William materializes from a Scanner while the heroes are busy infiltrating the next Replika, who is sent by X.A.N.A. on a mission to destroy the Supercomputer down below. However, the William clone shows up with Milly and Tamiya. The clone and the original fight each other, forcing him into the elevator. Instead, William goes to the lab interface in order to mess with the system. William uses the interface to shut off the Scanners, get rid of the clone, and shut down the Supercomputer's cooling system to make it overheat and melt down. X.A.N.A. sends new Shark monsters in the network to delay the Skid. William restarts the Scanners to retreat back to Lyoko. Aelita stops the overheating process in time and saves the Supercomputer.

Distant memory

X.A.N.A.'s minions prepare to target Franz Hopper.

X.A.N.A. tricks Aelita using her emotions in Distant Memory. It pretends to be Franz Hopper and sends her an electronic message, saying that he is expecting her on Lyoko, then her computer suddenly bugs up. Aelita goes and enters a Simulation Bubble containing a replication of Aelita's childhood home. By noticing that her mother wasn't programmed into the simulation, she quickly learns this is a X.A.N.A. trick. William was waiting for her inside to capture her. X.A.N.A. tries to trap her inside the simulation bubble, but Aelita uses Creativity to disperse it. The Lyoko Warriors try to protect Aelita, but William succeeds in throwing her into the Digital Sea. But suddenly, she is lifted from the sea by the real Franz Hopper, who appears as a floating blue bubble. William and the monsters are focused on eliminating Franz Hopper, but don't succeed. The group now realize why X.A.N.A. wants to throw Aelita into the Digital Sea. It knows it's the only way to get Hopper to expose himself.

X.A.N.A. launches a counterattack in their second trip to the Desert Replika in Hard Luck. At the military base where the supercomputer is located, X.A.N.A. activates a Tower to teleport Kankrelats into the real world to counter the intruders. In the facility, there lies an assembly line that makes motherboards and electronic implants. Ulrich manages to take out all of the Kankrelats and destroy the supercomputer by himself.

Hard Luck Kankrelat hits fan image 1

Teleported monsters defending the Replika.

X.A.N.A. attacks when Jeremie rides in an armed fighter jet in Guided Missile for winning a contest. X.A.N.A. possesses the jet in order to use its weapons to target and destroy the Factory and the Supercomputer with it. X.A.N.A. also forces the jet to crash to get rid of Jeremie too. Ulrich defeats William and sets Aelita free to stop the attack and launch a return in time.

In Kadic Bombshell, X.A.N.A. seizes an opportunity when a glitch is created in the Supercomputer because of Odd bringing someone into the lab. The glitch causes problems with virtualization. Aelita goes in to check for active Towers. X.A.N.A. sends monsters and William to the location to capture her. William tries to push her into the Digital Sea, but Odd saves her.

In Canine Conundrum, X.A.N.A. possesses Jeremie's robot dog in his room, and gives it the ability to replicate multiple copies of itself to attack the school. William and Tarantulas appear to guard the activated Tower on Lyoko. Aelita tricks William with a clone of herself, and gets to the Tower while he is distracted.

Spiked orbs

X.A.N.A.'s spiked orbs.

X.A.N.A. fights the group on the next discovered Replika in A Space Oddity, which is a copy of Sector Five and its supercomputer is on a newly built space station orbiting Earth. X.A.N.A.'s purpose for taking it over is to manufacture small, metallic spheres that grow spikes and burn through metal. Meanwhile, X.A.N.A. activates the Sector Five copy's defense mechanism, which is charging a mass of energy that threatens to wipe out the Skid. Ulrich stops the mechanism by pressing the sector's key. X.A.N.A. uses the spheres to attack the ones who are on the space station. Odd and Yumi sabotage the supercomputer by breaking cooling pipes and short-circuiting it with water, completing their mission.

X.A.N.A. tries to cripple and destroy the Skidbladnir while at sea in Cousins Once Removed. While Jeremie leaves a program for the shields running on his room computer, Sissi and Herb mess with it and unknowingly endanger them in the middle of a battle. Jeremie puts up a firewall, after which X.A.N.A. possesses Sissi and Herb, and takes over their meddling. It unleashes the Kalamar monster to attack the ship, while they break through the firewall and disable shields and weapons. Jeremie cuts power to the building, cutting off Herb's connection to the Supercomputer, and restore their defenses. They destroy the monsters and deactivate the Tower.

In Music to Soothe the Savage Beast, X.A.N.A. kidnaps Aelita again by possessing her show manager, and sends her to Lyoko, surrounded by monsters and William. It also possesses Milly and Tamiya to delay the group backstage at the concert. They save Aelita and deactivate the tower.

X.A.N.A. uses the Scyphozoa to control Aelita again in Wrong Exposure. It takes control of Principal Delmas to kidnap Aelita and take her to the Factory, and virtualize her alone on Lyoko, so the Scyphozoa can capture her mind. Its plan is to make the brainwashed Aelita walk into the Digital Sea by herself. Jeremie activates a program he made earlier to reboot everything inside of the virtual world and break her possession.

X.A.N.A. launches a standard attack iBad Connection. It uses the school's cell phone antenna to spread a virus to everyone who answers their mobile, turning them into crazy, mindless slaves to be sent after people at the school. It uses monsters to guard the Tower, and plants a bug in the lab terminal to make it hard for Jeremie to execute commands. Aelita deactivates the Tower in time.

Kolossus Code Lyoko

The mighty Kolossus.

X.A.N.A. fights the heroes in the next Replika in Cold Sweat. This new Replika is an Ice Sector copy and its supercomputer is located in a lab in Siberia. In this facility, X.A.N.A. is storing brains in test tubes for an unknown purpose. William gets teleported to the base by X.A.N.A. to deal with the intruders. Aelita enters the Tower that commands his teleportation, but then she realizes that the Tower should contain the programs that X.A.N.A. uses to control William. She hacks into the Tower's data and transmits it to Jeremie. After deactivating the Tower, William comes back to the Ice Sector Replika. When he is dispatched by the group, X.A.N.A. suddenly draws on the power of the hundreds of Replikas that it controls to bring out its most powerful and ultimate monster: the "Kolossus", a massive creature that resembles a fire elemental with a sword for a hand. It easily devirtualizes Aelita and Ulrich, and almost destroys the Skid.


X.A.N.A.'s robot army.

In Down to Earth, X.A.N.A.'s plans for the world are revealed, and the group breaks William free from its control. Jeremie imagines a program for freeing William for good using the data gathered from the previous episode. They go back to the Ice Replika, in which they discover dozens of humanoid robots lined up like an army at the base. Jeremie realizes that its plan is to create armies of deadly robots to use to conquer the world. X.A.N.A. activates the robots stationed at the base, and sends them after Odd and Aelita. William goes into the Digital Sea, and comes back up with the Kolossus. Jeremie tries to immobilize the Kolossus, but breaks free and takes out Yumi. The Kolossus to stomps on Ulrich. Aelita is sent back to the Skid unconscious, and the Kolossus moves toward the ship. It seemed that X.A.N.A. had won, but William is devirtualized by Odd, freeing him from X.A.N.A.'s control and materializing him as his normal self. The Kolossus knocks the Skid into the Digital Sea in one blow, but Aelita was devirtualized in time. X.A.N.A. may have lost its most deadly warrior, but its loss of William doesn't matter. It is now at the peak of its power with hundreds of Replikas under its control, and has built a massive robot army that is ready to take over the world.

XANA dying

X.A.N.A. being destroyed by Jeremie's own evolved multi-agent program.

X.A.N.A. has its last battle with the Lyoko Warriors in Fight to the Finish. Franz Hopper arranges a meeting on Lyoko for the group just when he finishes his multi-agent program for wiping out X.A.N.A. for good. Knowing they plan its demise, X.A.N.A. activates a Tower to possess William, proceeding to knock out Jeremie and try to unplug the Scanners. It also sends a strong force of monsters consisting of the Kolossus and a group of Mantas to destroy the Lyoko Warriors and Franz. Jeremie sends the Transport Orb for Odd and Aelita, since the program has to be activated from Sector Five. Ulrich managed to defeat the Kolossus, but the giant's body falls on him, devirtualizing him. At the Celestial Dome, they try to run the program, but the energy requirements are too great. Mantas are sent to attack, and Franz Hopper appears and uses his remaining strength to power the program while bearing their lasers. Aelita launches the program, but to her horror, her father is destroyed right in front of her eyes. The program launches a powerful force from the Core of Lyoko which destroys the monsters and spreads to all the sectors of Lyoko, including the activated Tower. X.A.N.A.'s spectre is forced out of William, writhing in agony. The multi-agent program exits Lyoko's gate and covers the world network to destroy every one of X.A.N.A.'s Replikas in the net. X.A.N.A. screams in agony as its spectre form in the real world vaporizes out of existence as the Tower deactivates. Every trace of X.A.N.A. on the network has now been completely obliterated, ending the threat of X.A.N.A. forever.

Other Continuity


Xana returned

A Tower activated, signifying the rebirth of X.A.N.A..

In the live-action Evolution sequel, X.A.N.A. has revived, stronger than ever, through an unknown Replika called the Cortex. X.A.N.A. had injected its own source codes into the warriors in their last battle. It hides from the inventor of the Cortex, and sends spectres to Earth and take its source codes back, so it will become powerful enough to gain complete control of the entire world network.

X.A.N.A. resurfaces in the starting episode, X.A.N.A. 2.0. It makes strange computer bugs and short circuits occur at the school, which compels the group to reactivate Lyoko to see if their old enemy has returned. A Tower activates and monsters start attacking. On Earth, it creates a spectre with Jim's likeness, and it suddenly grabs Ulrich and he starts getting very weak and ill. The group stops the attack.

In the episode Cortex, when the group reprograms the Skidbladnir and enter the Cortex, X.A.N.A. sends Krabs to stop them from accessing the core, but is met with failure.

In Spectromania, X.A.N.A. sends a kid spectre to steal source codes. It manages to touch Aelita, Yumi, and Odd before the Tower was deactivated, but this was a ruse to hide a second activated Tower whose signal was masked by the first, which generates another spectre in Ulrich's form. Odd gets to Lyoko and deactivates the second Tower. X.A.N.A. has gotten back about 70% of its source codes now.

X.A.N.A. battles the group in Miss Einstein when they test drive their new Megapod vehicle inside the Cortex. With the help of Laura Gauthier, the group is saved.

In Rivalry, X.A.N.A. sends a spectre in the form of William and touched Yumi before it was discovered. On Lyoko, it sends three Tarantulas, making one of them invisible. Odd deactivates the Tower, but with its power at 75%, it is strong enough to relaunch another attack immediately. It disrupts the telephone network with a virus, rendering cellphones unusable. William and Ulrich cooperate together and deactivate the Tower.

In Countdown, X.A.N.A. creates a polymorphic spectre to infiltrate the school and steal source codes. It touches Odd, and the event gives him speech problems as a side effect. On Lyoko, it creates a wall of Bloks to block their access to the Tower. The spectre planned to take all of their codes in one fell swoop when they all arrive at the lab. Odd defeats the Blok Wall and deactivates the Tower before the polymorph could touch them. X.A.N.A. has now recovered 80% of its strength.

In How to Fool X.A.N.A., X.A.N.A. sends a spectre with hypnotic abilities after Yumi. At the time, Jeremie injects false source codes inside of Ulrich that will destroy any spectre that tries to take them. However, X.A.N.A. discovers this plan thanks to a bug that it planted. Ulrich touches the spectre and implants it with the fake codes, which destroys it before it touches Yumi. This causes X.A.N.A. to lose some of its source codes, which are likely transferred back to Ulrich.

In Rendezvous, X.A.N.A. creates a spectre of Anthea Schaeffer, Aelita's mother, to take advantage of her feelings. On Lyoko, it uses two Towers that activate and deactivate in sequence to prevent the heroes from thwarting its scheme. It asks her to meet at the chapel through a message. They share a hug, in which the spectre touches her and steals her codes. Laura figures out the sequence and finds a window that allows Yumi and Odd to deactivate the Towers before Aelita loses all her codes. X.A.N.A. is at 80% power.

In Chaos at Kadic, X.A.N.A. activates a Tower from the Cortex to put a virus in the school's computer system, messing up test scores among other problems. They destroy the monsters, and Yumi deactivates the Tower.

In Friday the 13th, X.A.N.A. infects the Skidbladnir with a devastating virus. It activates a Tower in Sector Five to cause lottery wins to happen all over the country as a diversion to buy time for the virus to be uploaded. Odd gets the infected ship out of Lyoko, and counters the virus with Laura and Aelita's help.


An army of monsters fighting Tyron's ninjas.

X.A.N.A. seems to malfunction in Confusion. It keeps activating and deactivating Towers, causing spectres to emerge and disappear in moments, and monsters spontaneously disintegrate. In the Cortex, an army of Krabs and Tarantulas fight against Tyron's ninjas in the core, and attack the Lyoko Warriors as soon as they arrive. It is revealed that a security update made by Tyron on his supercomputer was the cause of its malfunctions, which it destroyed in the battle. This proves that both X.A.N.A. and Tyron act independently of each other, and he is completely unaware of its presence inside of his supercomputer.

In The Codeless, X.A.N.A. sends a spectre in the form of a football player which goes after Odd and steals the last of his source codes. It is now up to 85% power and activates another Tower soon after, sending a spectre with the same appearance as the last one. Yumi and William go after the Tower, but they are confronted by a virtual clone of William created by X.A.N.A., who plays on his doubts about his place on the team. William overcomes his feelings and turns on the clone, allowing Yumi to deactivate the Tower.

The group complete their virus to inject into the Cortex in Obstinacy. X.A.N.A. sends monsters to stop them, including Mantas that can now operate in the Digital Sea. When Aelita sees her mother in Tyron's lab through the webcam, they stop their plan.

The Trap (Evolution) 13

A spectre on Lyoko.

X.A.N.A.'s spectre gets caught in a trap by the group in The TrapJeremie plans to get source codes back from spectres, in which they create a situation were Yumi lures a spectre into a Scanner, and it works. Jeremie steals 4% of X.A.N.A.'s own codes through the spectre. It tries to escape, damaging the rest of the Scanners in the process. The spectre explodes inside and its residue gets virtualized as a living particle cloud. It puts Yumi and Ulrich into comas with its touch. Since the spectre was made to steal codes, it ignores the codeless Odd. With no codes in the virtual world, the spectre drags the unconscious Yumi to the Digital Sea. Jeremie transfers the source codes he has stolen to Odd, but they now compel the spectre to chase after him. Odd gets into the Tower, and enters the Lyoko code before it touches him. X.A.N.A. lost 4% power, and Odd is no longer codeless.

X.A.N.A. attacks using clones to confuse the group in False Pretenses. It sends a polymorphic spectre that shape-shifts into each of the Warriors to steal source codes, and creates perfect clones of them in the virtual world, confusing them. Jeremie and Laura launch a program to make the clones glow, allowing the real ones to devirtualize the fakes, and deactivate the Tower.


William held by the Scyphozoa.

In Mutiny, X.A.N.A. takes control of William again. Laura and William decide to act on their own to plant their virus immediately. They enter without much trouble, but he is then surrounded by Krabs. The Scyphozoa appears and implants its tentacles into his body, turning him into X.A.N.A.'s pawn once again. X.A.N.A. has the Scyphozoa hold him in its grasp the entire time, trying to steal their virus when it gotten uploaded into himself. The possessed William commands an army of Krabs and fights the group. Ulrich distracts him long enough for his tentacles to be cut, turning him back to normal.

In Jeremy's Blues, X.A.N.A. sets a clever trap for the group. Jeremie sends Ulrich and Odd in the Skid to investigate a data packet sent by an unknown source in the Digital Sea. Then, the ship gets caught in a trap. X.A.N.A. sends five Sharks to destroy the ship and the trap damages the holoweb, leaving them helpless. Aelita gets the two back to Earth, but the Sharks destroy the Skid. This incident has left both the holomap and the Superscan badly damaged. X.A.N.A. attacks with a spectre in Mrs. Hertz's appearance and sends Kankrelats that duplicate to hold back William and Yumi. The spectre gets some of Aelita's source codes. Jeremie quickly fixes the holomap, and they deactivate the Tower. X.A.N.A. is at 92% power now.

X.A.N.A. uses another spectre for a particularly offensive attack in Massacre. It sends a spectre in the form of Mr. Rouiller, while Yumi and Aelita are on a mission inside of the Cortex. The spectre steals Odd's codes. X.A.N.A. has eight Bloks guard the Tower, and Megatanks and Krabs attack Aelita and Yumi. The spectre steals Ulrich's codes also. Aelita escapes and arrives on Lyoko to take out the Bloks. Aelita deactivates the Tower before the spectre takes Yumi's codes. X.A.N.A. has rendered Ulrich and Odd codeless, and is up to 95% full power.

Cortexball dissapearing

The disintegration of the Cortex, where X.A.N.A. now lives.

In the final episode, Ultimate Mission, the Lyoko Warriors are forced to implant their virus immediately which would wipe out Tyron's supercomputer, and X.A.N.A. with it. During their first attempt, X.A.N.A.'s current power level allowed its Mantas to destroy the Megapod and the whole group in mere moments, forcing them to wait twelve more hours to try again. They suffer interference from Tyron in the real world, but they succeed in entering the core. Tyron shuts down his supercomputer to avoid losing all his data as they planted the virus. Unless Tyron finds an antivirus, X.A.N.A. will be rendered eternally frozen as long as the Cortex stays turned off. If Lyoko stays active, it will still have a way of escaping, so the group shuts down their own supercomputer, but will remain on their guard if it turns out X.A.N.A. survived again.


In this alternate continuity, the events of the first four seasons are severely streamlined as the first book indicates. While the events of the prequel and the first season are followed relatively the same as before, the climax of the rest of the series is compressed into one event. Franz Hopper reveals himself to the group before any equivalent of The Key occurs. He informs the group how to destroy X.A.N.A., by launching the multi-agent program into the Core of Lyoko. Hopper sacrifices himself to provide the energy needed, while at the same time restoring Aelita's memories and informing the group about her mother.

As for X.A.N.A., the entity's core is destroyed. It is purged and ejected from Lyoko, left to drift in the network without its memories or core functions. Over the course of several months however, X.A.N.A. begins to gain strength back, and searches for a human vessel in lieu of a virtual world. Ultimately, it looks for a vessel that it can use to infiltrate Kadic without suspicion, so as to kill the Lyoko Warriors.

Choosing a girl known as Eva Skinner, X.A.N.A. began to settle into its new circumstances, and learned of the Lyoko Warriors researching the history of the Supercomputer. Seeing a chance to gain its strength back, X.A.N.A. befriended the group, but planned on destroying them from the inside out. Over a time period, it gradually gained enough trust that they "informed" Eva about the supercomputer, Franz Hopper, and their search for Anthea Hopper. Seducing Odd, X.A.N.A. managed to brainwash the boy, laying the groundwork for its return.

X.A.N.A. however, would later learn from Hopper's archives multiple shocking truths: that he had been made with altruistic purposes in mind, to be the Guardian of Lyoko and the First City. Moreover, he had been close friends with Aelita, a friendship Hopper encouraged as a way to teach him human emotions. However, he forgot about all this when he was corrupted by leftover coding from a dark zone program, Project Carthage, whose templates Lyoko had been created from.

Shaken by this, as well as the emotions that had gradually crept up on him the longer he stayed in the Lyoko Warriors' company, X.A.N.A sought out an opportunity to speak to Aelita alone and share what he'd remembered. While rightfully wary of the AI, whose identity had by now been ousted, she nevertheless agreed. Appearing to her as a young man greatly resembling William, X.A.N.A spent many hours talking with her. But though they rekindled their former friendship, the discussion ended in conflict when X.A.N.A. mistook her reluctance to help him as a declaration of war. Leaving her, he began preparations to dominate the world.

Aelita, not giving up, pursued him. She persuaded him to listen to his original programming and fight off the virus still infecting him. X.A.N.A. would thus ally himself permanently with humanity, helping the Lyoko Warriors to defeat a terrorist group that was hoping to use Lyoko as a substitute for Carthage. While X.A.NA.. seemingly sacrificed himself to upload a self-destruction program that would delete Lyoko for good, his programming was salvaged by Aelita, who managed to recreate X.A.N.A. and bring him into the real world as a human.



X.A.N.A.'s eye symbol indicates its presence.

X.A.N.A. is a demonic, powerful, and intelligent program that is capable of advanced calculations, programming skills, and the virtual world's unique capabilities let it affect the real world using nearly supernatural methods. Its abilities are listed below:

Virtual Worlds

X.A.N.A. is connected to Lyoko from inside of Sector Five. It keeps a hidden presence in the virtual systems and controls Lyoko's functions from there. It was originally bound to the Supercomputer, but gained full system access with the Keys to Lyoko, allowing it to escape its confines and into the worldwide web.

Tower Control

Tour carthage-1-

X.A.N.A. activating a tower.

X.A.N.A. is capable of controlling towers, mostly to act in the real world. It can also take control of unsecured towers and activate many towers at once to perform more advanced computing tasks. These operations can only be countered by deactivating its towers.

An activated tower allows X.A.N.A. to act in the real world by sending energy pulses throughout electrical networks. This allows it to possess any devices and systems, manipulate connected objects, and project electrical shocks from outlets. It can also generate ultrasound or magnetism from outlets, and spread viruses from the network that can affect human beings.

Xana spectre

A spectre emerging.

X.A.N.A. can also generate spectres from outlets, ghostly creatures that allow it to physically interact with the real world and is capable of possessing any physical objects like a virus, modifying and using them to launch attacks in the real world. X.A.N.A. later becomes powerful enough to possess humans, aside from Lyoko Warriors who cannot be controlled. They become pawns made to do its bidding in the real world and pixelizes their forms, granting them spectral bodies, increased physical abilities, energy manipulation, control over electronics, and other powers beyond normal humans. When their towers deactivate, the objects return to normal, and living beings retain no memory of being possessed.

X.A.N.A. also gained the ability to generate polymorphic spectres. They are ghosts that can imitate appearances and have pixelated abilities. These spectres can appear as any person that X.A.N.A. chooses and can also generate polymorphs that can freely shapeshift into different appearances at will. Its spectres disappear from reality when their towers deactivate. Also, if a spectre is virtualized to Lyoko, it doesn't need a tower to exist in the real world anymore and can imitate other warriors, complete with their abilities and weapons as well.

It is also capable of bringing virtual monsters, clones, or warriors to Earth by materialization with the Scanners or teleportation through a Replika, controlling special devices it has built in the real world, or affecting unprotected minds in the real world using an activated tower.


XANA Monsters

X.A.N.A.'s monsters

X.A.N.A. uses many varieties of deadly monsters that fight on Lyoko. It can send armies of them, but only virtualizes a few at a time to save machine resources. As X.A.N.A. evolves, it can improve their abilities, create new types, and send them to other virtual sectors.

Its monsters include Kankrelats, Bloks, Hornets, Krabs, Megatanks, Tarantulas, and Creepers and Mantas in Sector Five. Most of them use Lasers and have special attacks. X.A.N.A. also uses the Scyphozoa, which can probe any virtual person or object on Lyoko, allowing it to siphon data and life energy, or implant viruses that lets it control their actions.


X.A.N.A. is also a programmer that can design its own programs and viruses to use against the Lyoko Warriors, affect the virtual world, deceive and set traps for its enemies, and modify and assist warriors under its control. It can alter parts of the landscape, unleash virtual weather, create illusions or false objects, render objects invisible, or generate portals. It can create Guardians or Simulation Bubbles to imprison warriors, launch programs through monsters, and plant small viruses and bugs. X.A.N.A. can also capture incomplete or lost warriors, by which it can control their being or bind them to its will, modify their abilities, create vehicles, and give them special programs to use as X.A.N.A. sees fit, like they were its own Lyoko Warriors.

World Network

After X.A.N.A. used the Keys to Lyoko to free itself from the Supercomputer, its program can explore the world information network beyond the Digital Sea. Inside of the undersea environment, X.A.N.A. can send monsters and program traps like on Lyoko. It can virtualize Kongres, Sharks, and the Kalamar monsters, and create network firewalls to trap enemies.


Replika outside

A Replika

With the Keys to Lyoko, X.A.N.A. has planted smaller virtual worlds inside of supercomputers to expand its power around the world network. They are all based on the current Lyoko with the same functions and uses the Replikas to take over laboratories and military bases in the real world, using them for research and turning them into production facilities as part of a plan to build an army of robots to invade and conquer the world. X.A.N.A. counters intruders who infiltrate its facilities by using activated Replika towers to use automated machines, possessed humans, or teleport monsters or warriors to fight them in the real world.

By drawing extra power from every Replika that it controls, X.A.N.A. is capable of creating and sending its most powerful monster, a near-indestructible, fiery giant named the "Kolossus," which is the ultimate weapon to use against its enemies in any of the virtual worlds.


  • X.A.N.A. was voiced by David Gasman in Ghost Channel, in the American version of Code Lyoko, the same actor who also voices Herb, Jim, and William.
  • According to YTV's Vortex block's host Paula (Code Lyoko was a show on this block and during commercial breaks Paula would often share bits of trivia), X.A.N.A. was once a good computer program until an evil virus corrupted it. Interestingly, she said this piece of information in the middle of season one, before season two even aired. No evidence was stated to prove this fact, as it implies that it was Franz Hopper's abuse of the return in time program that made X.A.N.A. evil, not a virus. However, the novel series states that it really was a virus that corrupted it in the end.
  • X.A.N.A.'s name was derived from Xanadu, the virtual world in Garage Kids.
  • Since X.A.N.A. is basically a computer program, it is supposed to be genderless as neither male or female. However, everyone except Franz Hopper constantly addresses X.A.N.A. by male pronouns in the main series. This may be due to all nouns having genders in French, the show's original language. In Code Lyoko Evolution, X.A.N.A. is rightfully called an "it" as genderless in the series.


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