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X.A.N.A.-William Quotes[]

"For you, X.A.N.A.!" - William Returns

"Hmm, the cavalry is finally here, only too late as usual." - A Lack of Goodwill

"That was a volley shot, it's all over for you!" - To Yumi in I'd Rather Not Talk About It

"And now you are going to witness the total destruction of the supercomputer, and the end of your little gang of friends!" - A Lack of Goodwill

"It doesn't matter, you lose no matter what, Aelita." - Distant Memory

"You're finished, Yumi." - Crash Course

"I don't have to deal with you, but I do have to wreck everything." - To Tamiya in A Lack of Goodwill

"You wanna leave? Be my guest." - To Aelita in Distant Memory

"Victory!" - Various episodes

"Attack!" - Various episodes

"It's game over for you, Yumi." - Music To Soothe the Savage Beast

"How can I possibly ask for more, I'm going to kill three birds with one sword!" - Kadic Bombshell

"For X.A.N.A.!" - Bragging Rights and Dog Day Afternoon

Other Quotes[]

"You are going to die!" - X.A.N.A. as Jeremie in Ghost Channel