X.A.N.A.'s first robots were the robots he developed as an attack in The Robots. The robots were assembled in the Assembly Room inside the Factory.


The Robots were humanoid in build, bipedal, had standard arms, a head, etc. They were equipped with screw guns on their arms, similar to the one in the Iron Sissi, but not covert. They had a humanoid face, with red eyes, and a oversized jaw, comparable to the "reverse beartrap" in one of the saw movies. The eyes turned black when the robots shut down.

List of robots of this general design

  1. The one manufactured at the 2:27 mark. This one was made on the assembly line, out of scrap and old car parts. It was activated in one of the encased processing machines, probably a car painting machine. This one loaded pictures of its targets off the supercomputer control system, damaging it in the process. This one was destroyed by Herb's Hummingbird Robot. This robot had no extra weapons.
  2. This robot was built after the first one was destroyed. It was first seen stalking the factory lift. Unlike the others, its eyes were more yellow.
  3. This robot was built by the robotic arms of the assembly line. It was the one built with the bolt launchers.


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