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Lyoko's Way Towers

The Way Tower in each of the four surface sectors, which connects them to Sector 5.

Way Towers (originally known as Passage Towers) are the most important towers on Lyoko.


Each sector (excluding Sector Five) has only one Way Tower. These towers are different from the others as they contain the codes and data which make up the entire sector. This data can be accessed from the upper platform interface like in a normal tower.

The best feature (in the Lyoko Warriors's case) is the data stream running below the lower platform. Unlike other towers, the data stream in Way Towers allows anyone who falls into them to access another sector (except Sector Five). In all seasons, the team has put these towers to good use and from Saint Valentine's Day onwards, they learned that they could take vehicles into the towers and into the data streams.

Unfortunately, X.A.N.A. also knew how the Way Towers worked and in Season 3, he used the Scyphozoa to possess Aelita and then guide her to the Way Tower. Once inside, she would go up to the upper platform where she would enter Code: X.A.N.A.. This code would hand X.A.N.A. complete control over the corresponding sector and let him wipe it off the map, leaving nothing but the Digital Sea.

Before Lyoko was destroyed by William in Final Round, the Way Towers were connected with Sector Five through wires. However, after Lyoko was recreated in William Returns, it seems that the Way Towers are connected with Sector Five using wireless technology. However, the normal towers are still connected with the Way Towers through wires.


  • In the French version, they're called "tour de passage", which translates to "Passage Tower".
    • The English dub may have changed the name starting with Season 2 to make the translation more accurate. The English name is a reference to video game waypoints, which in French are called "point de passage".
  • Like all Towers, Way Towers are color coded. In Seasons 1 and 2, they were colored Teal. This changed to White after Season 2. This made them difficult to tell from the inactive towers. With the updated look in Code Lyoko Evolution, this problem went away.
  • Although it is not clear how, the Way Towers have unique interior features which differentiate them from the rest of the towers on Lyoko. This was revealed in Temporary Insanity, when Ulrich was able to identify the tower ("What are we doing inside a Way Tower?") despite not having seen the exterior.