The Volcano Replika is X.A.N.A.'s main Replika in the Digital Sea. Unlike all other Replikas, it is not based on an already-existing sector of Lyoko. It was introduced in the second Code Lyoko game, Quest for Infinity. It has never existed in the show and is made purely for the video game.

This Replika is known as the home of the dangerous Volcanoids and the Magma Worm.

It is a volcanic "continent" consisting of volcanoes and lava pits. There are many obstacles and lava flows throughout this area. It has a large crater filled with towers, which is said to be the core of X.A.N.A.. The Volcano Replika is one of the hardest areas to move around in.

It is protected by a special shield and requires Jeremie to run a program for the Lyoko Warriors to enter the Replika.

In the game, it is home of the data that could be used to save William from X.A.N.A.'s clutches. It is the final level in the game and is destroyed when Odd and Aelita destroy the supercomputer, killing X.A.N.A. and freeing William at the same time.

It also appears in "The Best of the Two Worlds" where it is used by X.A.N.A. as a dumping ground for failed monsters. At one point, Jeremie was taken there and gained control over the monsters he discovered.


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