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The Volcano Replika is X.A.N.A.'s main Replika in the Digital Sea. Unlike the other Replikas, it's the only one not based on a pre-existing sector and instead was made purely from scratch by X.A.N.A. as a digital world in its own image.


It was introduced in the videogame, Quest for Infinity. As confirmed by Sophie Decroisette, it was never planned to be included in the show and was created only for the game.[1]

The sector is a "volcanic continent" that is comprised of volcanoes, lava rivers and pits with many obstacles such as new monsters like the Volcanoids. In the center of the sector exists a large crater that is filled with many towers, which is said to be the core of X.A.N.A. itself after it escaped Lyoko. In order to protect the replika, a special shield protected its outer shell that could only be bypassed by a program ran by Jeremie so the Lyoko Warriors could enter.

In the game, it is home of the data that could be used to save William from X.A.N.A.'s clutches and the final level. In the game's non-canon narrative, it was destroyed when Odd and Aelita destroyed the supercomputer guarded by the Magma Worm, killing X.A.N.A. and freeing William at the same time.


  • It also appears in "The Best of the Two Worlds" where it's used by X.A.N.A. as a dumping ground for failed monsters. At one point, Jeremie was taken there and gained control over three failed monsters he discovered and even "befriended them" as they tried to protect him from X.A.N.A. William.
  • Due to being an original sector, its not technically a Replika but instead a sort of antithesis to the peaceful world of Lyoko and meant to be a paradise for X.A.N.A.



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