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  • Razgriz153

    Looking on, episode 104 has been announced as (in French) "Comment tromper XANA."

    Translating this epsiode name, this comes out as "How Wrong XANA."

    My question is, is there anyone with a better translation or a more understandable one? As it stands, it doesn't sound right.

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  • Razgriz153

    Credits to Lyoko Videoz on youtube for the video.

    At 0:44 and 0:56 is that Laura's Father?.....I hope it isn't Alan Meyer....

    Also, interesting seeing footage of her in Jeremie's chair.

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  • Razgriz153

    Credits go to assafmarty on youtube who has been uploading reliable CLE content and sneak peek information for the last year. 

    Skip to 0:08 if you want to be quick about it. 

    So.....Samantha Suarez rather than Samantha Knight?  Umm.... a weird change, yes?

    Lol at Sissi being a blonde too.

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  • Razgriz153

    Now that we've all had a day to process and review the new episode of Season 5, just a general question to the public:  Which season had the best premiere episode? What do y'all think?

    My ranking:

    (Note: not saying any of the ones that are ranked lower are bad, just not as memorable or impactful to me)

    1) New Order-Season 2 ; I was really looking forward to this episode after the final events of Season 1, and it didn't disappoint- New Vehicles, New monsters, New mysteries with the Hermitage. A great premiere.

    2) XANA 2.0-Season 5 ; I had so much anticipation wondering how the live action would work plus how everything would look after 5 years time (not story wise), and this episode pretty much nailed everything. Only a few complaints here or th…

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  • Razgriz153

    Just came in today via youtube, can anyone translate this if possible? 

    Looks very, very promising. Can't wait to see the full episode this Wednesday!!

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