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    Ok, some of you people probably may or may not know about this, but.....

    This show has 2 Wiki Sites for some reason. Here's a link to the 2nd one: 

    I found this site a few weeks ago and when I did, I was all like "What the hell is this?" 

    Here are some details about it that I know of: 

    1. There is hardly any activity on it (recently, about four days ago, someone made an edit on Aelita's page, but prior to that, no one has made an edit since last month). 
    2. It doesn't even come close to having half of the pages we have on this Wiki (over here we currently have about 795 pages when the other version has only 158). 
    3. It doesn't have pages for all the episodes like "New Order," "Cold War," "The Lake," "Music to Soothe…
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