I apologize for the delay in writing this, but I wanted the voting to remain open for as long as possible yesterday; and before I could write this today, my primary router exploded. It got struck by lightning. Anyway, something about being spread into a 8 foot wide debris field with vaporized semi-conductive materials made my router dysfunctional. But here is the long delayed blog post!

As many of you know, this wiki recently underwent a vote of no confidence that resulted in our previous head crat, Skittycat, being replaced with acting head crat, Alex531. Since then, we have had an additional election regarding who is to be the new head crat of the wiki.

The results are in. There were 8 votes in total, and having won with 5, our new head crat is Alex531. Agent Odd held second place with 3.

As of now, Alex531 is our new regular head crat. Congratulations Alex.

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