Ji Robinson

aka Ji

  • I live in the land of milk and honey! Wanna come?!
  • I was born on November 23
  • My occupation is editing a bunch of wiki's
  • I am Male
Hello there. My name is JI. I am the former Leader of this wiki and I gave this
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That's me at my 8'th grade graduation.

wiki the site theme.  I also made the wordmark you see above. I've kinda lost some interest in Code Lyoko, so I'm on the Neopets Wiki. HOWEVAR, I'm always making a blog comment or in a thread.

GMT - 8:00


  • Designing this wiki's first theme
  • Becoming the Head Crat of this wiki
  • Becoming the first in this wiki's history to acheive 1000 edits


X.a.n.a Ji's Status Bar | Current task: Become ranked in league of legends... | Status : Online whenever I PLEASE

My Music

Music Title Artist
Discover the World DJ Kosmonova
From Sunset to Sunrise Hiroyuki Sawano
Archangel Two Steps From Hell
Dragon Rider Two Steps From Hell
The Wings of Icarus Celldweller
Stand Up (Kick-Ass) The Prodigy
First Class (X-Men First Class) Henry Jackman
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