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  • I live in Polska/Poland
  • I was born on September 28
  • I am Płci męskiej/Male gender
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Colonel Dawid | Dark Traveler
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Name: David

Surname: Payne

Favourite Monster: Krab

Favourite Sector: Desert

Favourite Character: Aelita 


Colonel is always armed. Even when it's a peaceful mission or espionage one. He's armed:

As the spectre/human:

Primary weapon(s): M-56 smartgun (10x28mm caseless, 750 rounds) 6-11 HP/hit

...or M-90 minigun (900 rounds, made it to shoot 10x28 caseless ammo) Damage: 6-15 HP/hit

...and a shotgun (Mossberg 590 sawn-off, 12 gauge, 6 shells) Damage: 2-3/pellet

In/On power armor: M404C (Colonel's invention, can be optionally integrated with his T-51b's arm, 5mm, 125 bullets) Damage: 3-10 HP/shot

....also "The Eagle" (supposed to be a sawn-off, but made it a bolt-action looking anti-materiel rifle, caliber 12.7mm) Damage: 80 HP/direct hit, 65 and lower/hit.

Or at least nothing (mostly), because you need two hands to carry a weapon.

Secondary weapon(s): pre-War N99 pistol (10mm, 12 bullets) Damage: 10-12 HP/direct hit, 5-7 HP/hit and M4A4 (it's a pistol, don't think it's an assault rifle) (12 .45 ACP bullets) Damage: 12/hit

Tertiary weapon: basic flare gun (1 shot, used to give orders on long ranges, to the destroyer to attack, f.e.) If hit: 15-20 HP/shot

Melee weapon: classic cavalry sabre (father dedicated it to me, sharpened, quick attacking) Damage: 35/handheld and a police baton (also quick attacking, used for dealing lower damage) Damage: 15-20 HP/handheld

As the warrior:

Primary weapons: Gauss rifle with a scope, able to destroy a Megatank. (no ammo needed, rechargeable) Damage: 75-90 HP/direct hit, 45-65 HP/hit and Vengeance[1] (modified L30 gatling laser, 1 battery = 240 beams, ammo: the earlier mentioned batteries) Damage: 2-5 HP/hit

Secondary weapon: laser pistol, good against Kankrelats. (modified N99 pistol, middle-class laser clips, 12 bullets) Damage: 25 HP/hit

Melee weapon: A pocket laser knife, useful as a tool and when there's no ammo nearby. (short pocket knife, silent) Damage: 30 HP/handheld

Armor and clothing

Colonel is always well-prepared for the firefight. Even if it's another world war, he's ready for it.

HP: 100 (without T-51b), 300 (with T-51b)

Head: Riot helmet with bulletproof, vertically extensible visor (one of my inventions, 10% proj. resistance)

Torso: Blue fur coat with metal elements protecting some body parts and the army's insignias on the epaulettes (20% proj. resistance) and black shirt with steel fabric (a la bullet-proof vest, 5% proj. and chem. resistance)

Legs: Woodland camo cargo pants with asbestos fabric, able to "stash" some meds and ammunition (15% resistance to fire and energy, 5% to chem. resistance).

Boots: American paratrooper's boots (known as "Jump Boots"), with thick soles to simplify walking through mud and snow.

Armor: black T-51b power armor (used in Lyoko and on Earth, 20% protection against Energy Fields, 60% protection against Laser Arrows, 10% chemical resistance, +200 HP)

Overall resistance

Energy and fire: 35% (with T-51b), 15% (without)

Projectiles: 65% (with T-51b, w/o riot helmet and coat), 35% (without)

Chemicals: 20% (w/T-51b), 10% (without)


Status: Worldwide Military (WM) Commander

Transport: Vertibird (or VB-02 , gunship class)

Skin: Olive

Eye enhancements: Targetting system

Leg enhancements: Faster sprinting

Eyes color: Blue

Hair: Short (w/ beard.)

Hair color: White

Virtual form: Cyborg (bionic leg, some body improvements)


First World War: British War Medal and Territorial Force Medal

Second World War: Medal of Honor (the most important medal in the American army)

Small info: If you'll see me on chat, you can wait before i'll say a word (unless you have a schedule).

History of the 2nd character

David Payne was born in 1886, in the area of today's Poland (Bełchatów), in a poor family. He always wanted to be a soldier, and he did it in 1914. He went to Great Britain to serve in the British army. After the first World War, he used the moment of inattention and took the weapons with him. After that, David left this job. Then, he started the job as a doctor in 1923. He was good at it, that doctors were impressed. He left the job in 1936, then he sailed to USA with a ferry in 1938. In August, David joined the American army. He fought way, WAY brave and he was killing his Nazi enemies, like he was thinking, that they're his arch enemy! After the Second World War, he retired from it and joined other jobs till the 80s. He decided to cryogenically freeze in 1985. He was frostbitten in 2048. In 2056, he made Worldwide Military, used to support other armies. It's main headquarters is located in western Siberia (created before the bombs fell in 23rd October, 2077.)

He was thinking to capture some territories, and he was thinking about it for few years (2067-2071), but nothing. When he was watching TV, he felt, that something weird was going on inside the television. It sucked him up and then, He was sitting in Lyoko for few years (from 2072), until he saw THEM. And that's how the second "Weird War" started. Why weird? because it's just me (my army, too.), X.A.N.A, and the warriors (three of us fighting are known as "The Iron Triangle") on Lyoko.

While he came back on Earth (especially: to his base), he had an idea of creating a portal. A portal that every vehicle and every soldier will get there (mostly, it's simple by typing the destination to activate it). It was made in 2079 and it's used even to this day.

My favorite pages

  1. Just like with the minigun used on Earth, power armor is also required
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