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Hello,  my name is brenster21/23 i am an admin on  this fine wikia. if you are having problems on chat or this wikia. i will do my best to help resolve them. 

About me

I go by either the username brenster21 or brenster23, I am head of Marketing for I Am Ghost Productions, and am in Team Yumi 2004. i am currently working on the english fandub. I am training to be a firefighter, and am currently a ski instructor at Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid NY. 


I like to be in the chatroom as much as possible, currently 5:30ish to 10 ish. this changes as my life changes.
X.a.n.a.gif Bren's Status Bar | Current task: Chat Moderator | Status : on from 5:30 till 10ish EST. chat hacks work type something if i am online i will be notified.
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