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"Impact!" - whenever Ulrich destroys a monster in various episodes

"It was bad enough that they shoot at us, now they have to run us over?! That's really unfair." - After being devirtualized by a Megatank in Triple Trouble

"And I see you forgot your happy pill again." - To his father in Distant Memory

"Wow! X.A.N.A.'s pulled out the big guns." - When Tarantulas arrive in Revelation

"Talk about a tailgater, worse than Sissi!" - About X.A.N.A. Odd in Revelation

"You're wasting your time X.A.N.A., Odd has never beaten me yet! (polymorphic spectre changes from Odd to Ulrich) Uh, yeah, well uh, okay...that changes things." - Revelation

"Okay, nap time, but don't you dare dream about Yumi." - To a sleeping William in Lyoko Minus One

"Go for it, Yumi." - To Yumi in The Key

"KILL THE ZOMBIES!" - To the zombies in Attack of the Zombies

"I'm gonna knock your Blok off, you dumb Blok-head!" - To a Blok in Mister Pück

"I said I want to study, Odd!" - To Odd in Killer Music

"Do that one more time and you're dead." - To Odd in A Fine Mess

"Yumi? Yumi?! No! No!!!!" - When he doesn't hear Yumi's heart beating in Cold War

"I prefer Hornets." - About the army of Kankrelats in Hard Luck

"If you're trying to get a date with Yumi, I'm not so sure that's the right way!" - To William in Opening Act

"Hey fish freak! Looking for some more bait?" - To a Kongre in Maiden Voyage

"Make my day shrimp." - To a Krab in A Bad Turn