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Triangulate is an ability Ulrich possesses on Lyoko. It is a combination of his Super-sprint and Triplicate abilities. When he activates it, Ulrich and his two clones form a triangle. His silhouette runs between them, disorienting the enemy and making them dizzy. He then usually strikes them unexpectedly in the back. Ulrich has been known to run in a triangle around monsters as well as a circle - but this is normally used on Tarantulas.

After a monster is destroyed by Triangulate, Ulrich can either fuse his two clones back with him, or further use them to help aid in destroying more monsters. The process is reversed by using Fusion.

Times When Used[]

Season One[]

Season Two[]

Season Three[]


  • It is the least used of Ulrich's three abilities.
  • How Ulrich discovered he has this ability remains unknown as it was not used in the two-part prequel X.A.N.A. Awakens.
  • This ability has never been utilized in the fourth or fifth seasons.
  • This is the only power that is made up of a combination of other abilities.


Seasons 1-3[]