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The Transport Orb works as a programmed orbicular device that allows the Lyoko Warriors to enter/exit Sector Five indirectly. To access the Transport Orb, as first seen in Uncharted Territory, the group must travel to the edge of one of the four surface sectors (the Ice, Desert Forest or Mountain). 

While waiting on the edge of the sector which the team are currently on, Jeremie enters the password "SCIPIO" in a simple dialog box asked by the supercomputer. Jeremie found the password in a book that he took from the Hermitage earlier in the episode about the history of the Carthaginians. In history, the Carthaginians, of the city Carthage, were defeated by General Scipio Africanus, which connects with the intention of the Supercomputer - the destruction of Project Carthage.

When the command is typed, the Transport Orb appears, usually from the Digital Sea, in front of the warriors. When directly in front of them, the Orb becomes an open hemisphere, which then proceeds to encircle them, emanating a bright white light. After all the Lyoko Warriors have been picked up, the Orb returns to sphere-shaped and begins to race across the sector to the center of Lyoko, also known as Sector Five.

Then when inside Sector Five, the Transport Orb again becomes a hemisphere, leaving its passengers in the Arena or the initial location of Sector Five, then vanishes into the sky.


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  • The Transport Orb appeared in Quest for Infinity, albeit it was used to transport the gang to other parts of the sector they are already in and was not used to go to a whole different sector.
  • The Transport Orb used to make Odd feel sick (literally) after it dropped them off in the Arena. As of The Key, however, this didn't become a problem for him anymore.
  • It was shown in Déjà Vu that Aelita can call the orb without the password.


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