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Ulrich and Yumi being "translated" into the real world in Bragging Rights.

Translation (known under that name in Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity), known as Teleportation in Code Lyoko, is a function of the Skidbladnir. It is the process which Jeremie uses to materialize a Lyoko Warrior from the Skid to any location in the real world that is near a Replika Supercomputer.

Overview of the Process[]

The procedure is similar to Energize, as it causes the person's structure to be taken apart and reassembled. The Skid must be docked at a tower in order for the procedure to work.

Upon arriving on Earth, the Lyoko Warrior is materialized as a spectre in the image of their virtual manifestations instead of their real human forms, and have access to all of their Lyoko weapons and abilities. While materialized in this way, Jeremie can still communicate with them and run programs pertaining to them such as the Laser Arrow Reload System, like they were still on Lyoko. Non-lethal damage that a Lyoko Warrior takes while in this form causes him or her to pixelize, like a spectre would when attacked, but otherwise suffer no permanent effects of the damage other than life point loss. If a Lyoko Warrior is defeated in the real world in their Lyoko form, they are teleported back into the Skid, unconscious. Seemingly, they won't come back unconscious if de-teleportation was done through the lab interface.

After William entered Code: X.A.N.A. into the tower the Skid had docked with in the Forest Replika in Lab Rat, X.A.N.A. was able to hack into the ship's programs before it disconnected them, and deciphered the data, thus making the program capable of teleporting its monsters and William via activating a tower.

Times When Used[]

Season Four

Abilities Used[]


  • Despite seemingly having access to all of their powers, teleported avatars do not seem to utilize their special abilities very often. Aelita used Creativity once, as did Odd with his Shield, but abilities such as Super Smoke and Super Sprint were never used by their respective avatars. The reason for this is not known, nor is it ever commented on within the show itself.
  • The function is never used in Code Lyoko Evolution, though this is likely because the Cortex's constantly changing nature makes it risky to try to dock the Skidbladnir to the Replika's only known tower. Additionally, the real world location of the host supercomputer is an active facility, which would make it far more likely for anyone attempting to infiltrate the site this way to get caught or at least identified.