• Hello Deadcoder

    I'am Thief-X and I saw that you had download pictures of front covers of the Code Lyoko books series and I was wondering if you know all publish dates of those books from End of Take to The Final Round?

    From sincerely Thief-X

    P.S.: I only want the year of when they were published   

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    • I'm checking my personal archive. Luckily, the publishing month/years are in the books.

      • Clap De Fin was October 2005. Partenaires Livres.
      • Gravite Zero was June 2006. Partenaires Book.
      • Code Terre was May 2006. Partenaires Book.
      • Faux Depart was September 2006. Partenaires Book.
      • Nouvelle Donne was January 2007. Qualibris. "This is a REALLY bad name for a company".
      • Terre Inconnue was May 2007. Qualibris.
      • Tentation was June 2008. Groupe Qualibris. "Yes, I know it's out of order. I'm just going on what's in the book."
      • Ultimatum was December 2007. Groupe Qualibris.
      • Revelation was August 2008. Groupe Qualibris.
      • Reminiscence was October 2008. Groupe Qualibris.
      • Aelita was January 2009. Groupe Qualibris.
      • Dernier Round was December 2009. Groupe Qualibris.

      All of these seem to be printed by the Hachette publishers. Emmanuelle Fumet novelized the ones under the Partenaires Book brand. The novelization of the Qualibris ones was Fabrice Colin. François Hacker was the graphic designer for each. I suspect that's a pen name.

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    • I had to check my personal copies, because this information doesn't appear to be online anywhere.

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