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This page is for the Code Lyoko Evolution episode. For the Code Lyoko episode, see The Trap (Code Lyoko).

The Trap is the nineteenth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the overall one hundred and fourteenth episode of Code Lyoko.


Aelita goes to Lyoko once again to talk to her father in the The Heart of Lyoko chamber. She confesses her determination to find her mother. When she gets back to Earth, Jeremie suggests she use the social network.

Later in the school playground, the heroes are discussing a new strategy to prevent the spectres from getting to them. In the middle of the discussion, Jeremie suddenly has an idea. He ponders it for a moment and proposes a new plan to his friends: Jeremie wants to try taking X.A.N.A.'s codes back. The idea is to capture a spectre, trap it in a scanner and take its codes.

The plan forms: Yumi, the one with the most codes, acts as bait in an isolated place. William, without codes, will lie in wait to keep an eye on her. Ulrich and Odd will stay on Lyoko so the former can deactivate the spectre's tower if the danger becomes too great. The group decides to leave Aelita out of the plan so she can focus on her mother. The pinkette then pursues Jeremie's idea and registers for a social networking site where she puts out a call for Anthea.

Everyone is in position. After a long wait, a spectre appears in the park and chases Yumi. Jeremie transfers Ulrich and Odd to the Desert Sector where the tower is. They’re confronted by some Krabs.

Yumi leads the spectre to the factory, watched by William. Using a hologram of Yumi, Jeremie tricks the spectre into taking the lift. Arriving in the scanner room, the real Yumi is virtualized right under the spectre's nose and arrives in the Desert Sector. The spectre enters the scanner and Jeremie shuts it in. The process works, as Jeremie manages to steal source codes. X.A.N.A.'s creature then begins to whack the scanner walls, damaging it severely. Suddenly, it disintegrates, to everyone's confusion.

A major problem then presents itself: the spectre's residue was virtualized onto Lyoko. Taking the form of a cloud of digital particles, it immediately attacks Yumi. Immune to the attack, it plunges the Japanese girl into a virtual coma with a single touch. Then it goes to Odd and Ulrich. Under Jeremie's orders, Odd and Ulrich urgently destroy the last Krabs. Unfortunately, before Ulrich can reach the tower, he's touched by the spectral cloud and falls unconscious. The spectre then leaves without attacking Odd because he doesn't have any source codes. Jeremie notices that Yumi's position started moving so he tells Odd to immediately check it out. Odd sees to his horror that the virtual monster carries Yumi towards the Digital Sea to throw her there to ensure a definitive virtualization.

Because the spectre caused too much damage to the scanners, Jeremie cannot devirtualize his friends, so he decides to try something new. He tells Odd to go to the Desert Sector's Way Tower: the only one he can still enter without codes. There, he'll activate the tower and re-inject Odd with some source codes he stole from the spectre in the scanner. Odd rushes towards the way tower and enters it. He touches the interface and is able to deactivate the activated tower. However, by doing this, Odd is no longer codeless. The spectre therefore becomes disinterested in Yumi and chases after Odd instead, who manages to dodge the attacks thanks to his superb tricks on the Overboard. He enters the tower and deactivates it, destroying the inferior spectre just before it can touch him inside the tower.

The mission is completed with rather positive results. Odd has regained a small number of codes, X.A.N.A. has lost power and the spectre was destroyed. The heroes nonetheless agree on the following: capturing spectres is too dangerous.

On her end, Aelita has gotten a number of support messages on the social network, people ready to help in the search for her mother. She hopes that this buzz will help her track down Anthea Hopper.


  • The original French name for this episode is Le piège.
  • This episode has the exact same title as The Trap, which was exactly one hundred episodes ago in the original series; the fourteenth episode of Season 1. However, the original French titles are slightly different (Piège vs Le piège).
  • The episode was released on iTunes on May 5th, 2013, despite the break/hiatus. It was removed the day after.
  • This episode marks the first time since Revelation that a spectre goes to Lyoko.
  • It is shown that the Lyoko Warriors can be virtualized from Sector Five to other sectors without the need of the Transporter.  
  • This episode marks the first time that Jeremie activates a tower in season five, albeit the streams of light appear to be Cyan instead of Green. This may be because it was stated to be a way tower, so the color may be from the tower color coding system.
  • First appearance of the Subdigitals, on Aelita's "Friendspace" page. They retain their old cartoon look (suggesting they have cartoon drawings of themselves for publicity) rather than new live action actors.
    • Also, it is shown that the rest of the Lyoko Warriors have Friendspace pages as well, except for Laura (though it is possible Aelita did not bother to add her to her friends list).


  • Aelita uses her real name on her Friendspace page, even though her real name is supposed to be a secret.
  • Odd is able to disperse the spectre on Lyoko by deactivating the tower, whereas Revelation previously established that spectres can survive their tower deactivating if sent to Lyoko beforehand.