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This article is for the Code Lyoko episode. For the Code Lyoko Evolution episode, see The Trap (Evolution).

The Trap is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of Code Lyoko.


Jeremie tells Aelita that it is her 'first birthday', explaining that it's been one year since they first discovered her and Lyoko - the "birth" of their friendship. Jim can be heard yelling at Odd and Ulrich in the background, asking if they're asleep. Realizing that Jim might yell at him too, Jeremie stops his work and gets to bed telling her that it would be really weird if Jim saw her.

The next day, Jeremie and Odd arrive at the Factory and find the lift is not working. They take an alternate route through the machine rooms, but X.A.N.A. has taken control of the machines, and uses them to try and kill the two. They run for the Boiler Room, which is on the way to the lab. Jeremie suspects the boilers are also part of the trap, but since they have no choice, they run for it, avoiding injury as the boilers explode behind them.

On Lyoko, Aelita while looking at the Desert Sector's landscape on a dune, sees that the Lyoko Wires are transporting the energy and deduces that X.A.N.A. has activated the tower. She decides to follow the trail but stops for a second near some rock formations sensing she's not alone. In that moment a Krab appears behind her that starts chasing her. Aelita being chased arrives to a crater filled with spike columns. She jumps onto them without any trouble but the Krab starts having difficulties when it steps onto them. Aelita uses this to her advantage, and by using her Creativity she lowers the collumns that the Krab was stepping on that makes it fall into the canyon only to be destroyed.

Later, Ulrich and Yumi go to the Factory, not realizing that Sissi, suspicious about their activities, has followed them. She confronts them on the Factory Floor and gets into the Lift with them, which unexpectedly closes and traps them inside. The lift starts going down and stops in the middle of the shaft. Then the elevator lines start breaking and it falls at huge speed before finally stopping in the shaft a long way below the Lab. Ulrich's arm is broken in the fall, and Sissi is knocked out cold. Yumi is unhurt, and she decides to climb out of the lift and up the shaft to get to the Lab.

Once they make it to the Lab. Jeremie sends Odd and Yumi to the Scanner Room through a hatch in the floor, and virtualizes them onto Lyoko.

In the lift, Sissi has awoken and becomes frightened. Ulrich comforts her, and she binds his broken arm in a sling. Unfortunately, water has started to leak into the lift shaft through a crack in the wall, and enters the lift, gradually filling it up. Ulrich tries to hold the ceiling hatch closed, but finds it difficult with his broken arm and cannot stop the flow.

On Lyoko, Odd and Yumi fight several Krabs and both get quickly devirtualized, and Aelita faces the final Krab alone. She manages to dodge it's laser and makes it to the tower just in time. As Ulrich and Sissi are about to drown, Jeremie activates a return to the past.

Back in the past, Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi are in Jeremie's dorm room. crowded around Jeremie's computer. Aelita is on the screen, wondering what this is about. They reveal a cake with a single candle on it to celebrate Aelita's birthday.

Sissi, Herb, and Nicholas sneak to the open door and watch. Ulrich notices her and she tries to hide, but, remembering her kindness before the time reversion, he smiles at her. Herb comments on how weird it is to celebrate their computer's birthday, but Sissi, pleased by Ulrich's reaction, declares it a good idea, and tells Herb and Nicholas to get a cake for tomorrow to celebrate the birthday of her make-up kit.


  • The original French name of this episode is Piège, which translates to simply Trap. Originally the episode was named Le Piège, which is an exact translation of the English title.[1]
  • This episode is set exactly one year after the prequel episode X.A.N.A. Awakens, specifically on October 9, 2002.[2]
  • This is the only episode in which X.A.N.A. attacks the group with the machines in the Factory.
  • Just before Yumi climbs up the elevator shaft, she says that she has a slight fear of heights.
  • This is the first episode where new transitions are seen.


  • While being attacked by the machines in the Factory, Odd uses a metal bar to defend himself. A machine twists the bar out of shape easily. In reality, if Odd was holding onto the bar, he would have to be just as strong as the machine for this to happen, otherwise the bar would simply be twisted out of his hands.
  • When Aelita spots the tower two Krabs are seen, but when Yumi Odd and Aelita start to fight them three are now shown.
  • When Yumi got hit by one of the Krabs, she lost 20 life points while her ID card is being shown Jeremie says to Odd that his point lost rate is too high.