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The Return of the Phoenix is the third novel of Code Lyoko published by Atlantyca. It is set directly after The Nameless City and is followed by a fourth book, The Army of Nothing.

The book is notable as the only piece of Code Lyoko media to provide a full description of Jeremie's form on Lyoko.


Jeremie, Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd do not know that bringing Eva Skinner to the factory, has revealed their worst enemy where they can freely access the virtual world of Lyoko. And not only the malevolent artificial intelligence, for also spying on them was Gregory Nictapolus; a ruthless agent of the Green Phoenix.

So when Jeremie brings together the worlds of Lyoko and the First City, X.A.N.A. regains its former power and decides to team up with Green Phoenix, a dangerous terrorist group, resulting in a terrible army of robots that begin to invade the City of Tower Iron.

Differences from the Show[]

  • X.A.N.A. and Aelita have a far more complex relationship, having been friends at one point long ago. It is revealed that Franz Hopper would frequently orchestrate visits between X.A.N.A. and Aelita back when she was a child, with the hope that she would be able to help him understand morality, compassion, and other key aspects of humanity (this did not happen in the show, as confirmed by the dialogue in the episodes The Key and Aelita).
  • Franz Hopper's sphere-like form on Lyoko is given an alternative explanation: Apparently, the psyche of adults prevents them from being able to function in their avatar form while on Lyoko, so Hopper was forced to forego the process and create a different shape.
  • The 1994 attack on the Hermitage by the men in black is drastically different from the show, and Aelita is hit by a bullet during the escape.
  • The descriptions of almost all of the Lyoko Warriors' parents are completely different from the show.
  • The firewall appears, but it is now in the form of a literal wall which surrounds the First City, rather than its design from Hot Shower.
  • X.A.N.A.'s army of robots appear, but they are created in the virtual world and materialized to Earth rather than created at the Siberian Research Facility. Also, their design is different and they do not seem to have any lasers or other weapons.


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This book was never published in English. The Title used here is a translation. These are the native titles:

  • Itatian: Il ritorno della fenice
  • Spanish: El regreso del Fénix
  • Catalan: El retorn del Fènix
  • Galician: O regreso do Fénix
  • Basque: Fenixaren Itzulera
  • Portuguese: O regresso da Fénix
  • Dutch: De Terugkeer Van De Feniks



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