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This is the English version of the subtitles for episode 110: The Codeless. Special thanks to Olivier and Brenster21 from Team Yumi2004 from Code's forum for the transcript.



  • Odd: Yes?
  • Jeremie: There's an activated tower in the mountain sector. X.A.N.A. has launched an attack.
  • Jeremie: Get to the lab soon. I'm going to virtualize Aelita and Ulrich.
  • Jeremie: Hurry and watch out for the spectre, it is probably hiding somewhere..
  • Odd: Got it, Einstein.


  • Odd: Jeremie, I'm the spectre's target! He's chasing me!
  • Odd: Tell them to hurry and deactivate the tower as soon as possible!
  • Ulrich: Got it, Jeremy. We're on our way.
  • Aelita: I really hate it, when there are attacks early in the morning...
  • Odd: Jeremie, this spectre looks really tough!
  • Jeremie: Run and don't let him touch you, if he does he will be able to steal some codes.
  • Ulrich: We'll be there soon.
  • Jeremie: Ulrich, Aelita, I've detected something straight ahead of you.
  • Ulrich: You're right, there are three Krabs here.
  • Ulrich: I'll handle the crustaceans while you take care of the tower, okay?
  • Ulrich: Hey, you invertebrates! over here!


  • Odd: Sir!
  • Jim: Della Robbia! Catch your breath.
  • Odd: The guy over there... He's pretty good. You should definitely have him join one of the sports teams.
  • Jim: Thanks, Della Robbia. Great initiative!
  • Jim: Hey, you, you're new around here, right?
  • Jim: Do you know that Kadic has a great athletics team?
  • Jim: Wow, he's really running fast. I'd love to have him on the team.


  • Ulrich: Come on, over here!


  • Jeremie: Odd?
  • Odd: Help! Help!
  • Jeremie: Odd!
  • Jeremie: Ulrich, Aelita, I just lost contact with Odd.
  • Aelita: I'm almost there.
  • Ulrich: Watch out, Aelita!
  • Aelita: Thanks, Ulrich.
  • Ulrich: You're welcome.
  • Aelita: I'm about to enter the tower, Jeremie.
  • Jeremie: Aelita, what's going on?
  • Aelita: The tower. It just deactivated itself.
  • Jeremie: Odd, do you hear me? What happened?
  • Odd: Jeremie, I don't get it. The spectre touched me then exploded, just like that.


  • Odd: So? How many codes did I lose?
  • Jeremie: All of them.
  • Odd: What?
  • Odd: And X.A.N.A.'s power is now at 85%? What a nightmare this is...
  • Aelita: So that's why X.A.N.A. stopped his attack. The spectre had taken all of your codes.
  • Jeremie: It gets worse, without codes, you won't be able to deactivate towers.
  • Odd: So basically, he caught me as if I was a rookie, stole all my codes, and now I'm useless against X.A.N.A. I suck.


  • Yumi: Any news about Odd?
  • Jeremie: No, he just vanished. I'm a bit worried.
  • William: So you couldn't watch your own roommate?
  • Ulrich: Do you think you could have done any better?
  • Yumi: That's him!
  • Yumi: "Urgent. Meet me in the gym."
  • Yumi: Let's go.


  • Ulrich: Odd? Are you here?
  • Aelita: And what if this is another of X.A.N.A.'s attacks? It's hacked our phones before.
  • Ulrich: What's this?
  • Odd: Bravo, well done!
  • William: What the heck are you doing?
  • Odd: Just a little experiment designed to show how easy preys you are.
  • Odd: And that the codeless need to protect the codeful.
  • Ulrich: What do you mean, the codeless?
  • Odd: "The codeless" means William, Jeremy and I.
  • Odd: The others are the codeful, meaning the ones who still have some codes left: Ulrich, Aelita, Yumi.
  • Odd: You'll be XANA's next targets. Okay, come with me, I got a surprise that I want to show you.
  • William: No thanks, I'm done with your surprises.
  • Odd: Follow me.
  • Odd: Voila, the bunker!
  • Odd: It's got food and everything you will need to survive.
  • Yumi: Looks great, but what is it for?
  • Odd: Elementary. If XANA attacks, the codeful that are not on Lyoko can hide here, under the protection of a codeless.
  • Jeremie: It can't be, another tower just activated on Lyoko!
  • Aelita: Ulrich and I were already there this morning, that means we can't go back again.
  • Odd: It looks like you'll need to stay here, in the bunker, under my protection.
  • Yumi: Jeremie, I'll get William and we'll meet you in the lab.
  • Odd: I'm so awesome.


  • Yumi: X.A.N.A. launched another attack.
  • Yumi: Look, I know you won't enjoy working with me, but we have no other options.
  • Yumi: I suggest a truce. Just the time to take care of it.
  • Yumi: Okay?
  • William: Okay.


  • Ulrich: Are you sure this is a good idea?
  • Odd: Don't worry, just close the door and I'll take care of the rest.
  • Odd: Simple as that.


  • Jeremie: Are you ready?
  • Jeremie: Transfer: Yumi.
  • Jeremie: Transfer: William.
  • Jeremie: Virtualization.
  • Jeremie: Yumi, I am sending you the Overwing.
  • Jeremie: I'll give you the tower's coordinates in a few seconds.
  • Yumi: You know it's not easy trying to understand you.
  • Yumi: William?
  • Yumi: One day you insist on joining the group, and the next one you send us all packing.
  • Yumi: Why? Is it because of me?
  • Jeremie: Alright, got them. Go west through the dunes.
  • Jeremie: What's going on, Odd?
  • Odd: Jeremie, could you launch the facial reconstruction of the spectre, please?
  • Jeremie: Got it. He is around 16 years old, brown, short hair and pretty athletic.
  • Odd: Oh no, it is still the same tough guy as this morning...

Meanwhile in Lyoko

  • William: Why did you stop?
  • Yumi: I needed to check our course. Moreover I don't like this place. It is way too quiet...
  • William: Are you kidding me? There are no creatures for a thousand miles around.
  • William: You know what? This is really too easy.
  • William: We need to take cover.
  • Yumi: Okay, here we go.
  • Yumi: No, they won't leave us alone!
  • William: We just need to be smarter than them.


  • Ulrich: Are you really sure that this is going to work?
  • Ulrich: Because your specter looks kinda tough.
  • Odd: Rubbish. The situation is under control.
  • Odd: No trespassing, pal.
  • Odd: Oh no...
  • Ulrich: Odd, do something, quick!


  • Jeremie: Odd?
  • Odd: Jeremie, the specter is a wall-crosser!
  • Jeremie: What?
  • Odd: He walked through the wall and he's now running after Ulrich and Aelita!
  • Jeremie: William, Yumi, Odd's plan didn't work out. You need to quickly deactivate the tower.
  • William: It was obvious that his plan was lame.
  • Yumi: We should try to set a trap for them.
  • William: Okay. Since I am faster, I'll lure them and you will strike them in the back.
  • Yumi: Faster? Are you joking?
  • Yumi: I hit the bull's eye! And you didn't want to team up...
  • William: Okay, now let's run to the tower.


  • Odd: I failed to protect them...
  • Jeremie: Relax, Odd. Things are getting better. Yumi and William are almost there.
  • Odd: Maybe, but that bunker thing was a complete failure. I feel so lame.
  • Jeremy: Come on.


  • Yumi: Jeremie, there's something strange happening here.
  • Yumi: It's crazy, there is another William.
  • Yumi: William? William!
  • Jeremie: Eh? What do you mean?
  • Clone: Welcome home, William.
  • Jeremie: Be careful Yumi, you lost half of your life points.
  • Yumi: I'm fine.
  • Jeremie: No, that's not fine. You're the only one able to deactivate the tower.
  • Clone: I'm glad you and your friend came here. Now I can have some fun, I needed it. I was getting bored.
  • Yumi: Jeremie, we have a very serious problem here.
  • Jeremie: Odd? Yumi and William got trapped, they won't be able to deactivate the tower for now.
  • Jeremie: We absolutely need to prevent them from having any more codes stolen.
  • Clone: Tell me, William, why didn't you defend your friend?
  • Clone: Yet I sense you have some feelings for this girl.
  • Clone: You didn't defend her because you feel betrayed. Deceived. Manipulated. And you know I'm right.
  • Clone: You're the one left behind.
  • Clone: The nice guy, useful for fights, but who gets rejected or ignored when he's no longer needed.
  • Yumi: William, stop listening to him. He's trying to trick you. You need to resist. You're stronger than him.
  • Clone: Here you're a king. Nothing can hurt you, especially not a girl like her.


  • Jim: Odd, come here. I need to talk to you.


  • Yumi: William, I beg you, I've got to deactivate the tower. Ulrich and Aelita need us.
  • William: Keep quiet.
  • Yumi: William, don't do that.
  • Clone: It's fine, William, go ahead. She won't be able to hurt you anymore when she's far away.
  • Yumi: Don't listen to him. He's only interested in our codes. He doesn't care about you!
  • Clone: See? She's abandoning you once again.


  • Jim: And you don't know in what class he is?
  • Jim: This is incredible! A genius sprinter in Kadic and I'm the last one to know.
  • Jim: If at least I could have his name...
  • Jim: I remind all students that running in corridors is forbidden.
  • Jim: If you really want to run, please join the athletics team. I'm waiting for you.
  • Odd: Eh?
  • Jeremie: Odd?
  • Odd: Jeremie, I found out his weak point. The specter freezes when exposed to the loudspeaker's sound.
  • Jeremie: Of course, I should have guessed that before!
  • Jeremie: Electromagnetic waves perturb his molecular structure.
  • Odd: Thanks, Einstein. What should I do now?
  • Jeremie: Try to use the loudspeaker to keep him frozen.


  • Jeremie: Yumi, do you hear me? Yumi!
  • Yumi: Yes, I can hear you. But William, the real one I mean, is after me.
  • Yumi: No, William...
  • Jeremie: William, listen to me. If you do that, X.A.N.A. wins.
  • Jeremie: And we lose everything. Do you hear me?
  • Clone: It's time to finish this, my friend.


  • Aelita: We're cornered.
  • Odd: "Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother John? Brother John?"
  • Odd: "Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!"
  • Odd: "Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong."
  • Odd: "Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother John? Brother John?"
  • Odd: "Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!"
  • Odd: "Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong."


  • Jeremie: You're part of the team, William. Whether you want it or not, we're one.
  • Jeremie: Even if it is difficult sometimes, you have never let us down. Please think about this.
  • Jeremie: You're our friend. My friend.
  • Clone: It's time to choose your side. Set the real William free.
  • William: You're right. I have to make a choice. It's time to take care of you!
  • William: Yumi, run to the tower, quick!
  • Jim: Della Robbia! This is not Sing Academy here!


  • Odd: No!
  • Jim: What the heck are you doing! You...
  • Jim: Della Robia! Get back over here!
  • Jim: Come back here! Come back here, right now!


  • Yumi: Glad you're back.
  • William: Alright, it's time to finish the job.


  • Jim: Della Robbia, I won't repeat myself, this is your last chance.


  • Yumi: William!
  • Yumi: I wanted to thank you. Without you, we were goners.
  • Yumi: Don't you think we're a good team?
  • William: A pretty good one.


  • Aelita: So?
  • Odd: Six hours of detention and some community service.
  • Ulrich: That's bad.
  • Odd: That bunker will cost me a lot after all.
  • Yumi: Maybe, but without you, Aelita and Ulrich would have lost all their remaining codes.
  • Odd: This whole idea of "codeless" and bunker was lame.
  • Aelita: That's right. But you only did what everyone should always do: protect the others, no matter what.
  • Odd: So, if I got you correctly, you're all going to help me with my community work?
  • William: Well, it depends. What is it?
  • Odd: Cleaning the graffiti off the toilets...
  • Odd: Helping in the canteen for a week...
  • Odd: Removing the chewing gum from the physics classroom...
  • Odd: Running around the stadium ten times...
  • Odd: Hey, my friends! Come back! Come back!

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