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The army of nothing

Yumi and Jeremie

The Army of Nothing is the fourth and final novel in the Code Lyoko book series published by Atlantyca. It is set directly after the events of The Return of the Phoenix.


The book was never published in English. The title used here is a translation.

  • In Italian, the title was "L'esercito del nulla"
  • In Spanish, the title was "El ejército de la nada"
  • In Catalan, the title was "Ľexèrcit del no-res"
  • In Galician, the title was "O exército da nada"
  • In Basque, the title was "Ezerezaren Gudarostea"
  • In Portuguese, the title was "O exército da nada"
  • In Dutch, the title was "Het Leger Van De Afrekening"


With the Green Phoenix taking over the factory, Jeremie and his friends had to act fast to prevent a catastrophe. The story stars with Eva Skinner on Lyoko (having been virtualized there in the previous book) amazed by her virtual form of a Subdigital fan. She is not alone, as she is with Ulrich and Jeremie . Having broken the barrier between Lyoko and the First City, he saves his friends Ulrich and Eva Skinner from being virtualised there forever, but unfortunately the stronger X.A.N.A. has escaped and taken control Lyoko again.

Back in reality, Kadic has taken a huge blow from X.A.N.A.'s robots which were materialized into the real world in the previous book. In the wake of the destruction is Odd Della Robia and Yumi Ishiyama  who are exhausted after the previous day's fighting. Despite having escaped the First City X.A.N.A. still cannot gain 100% power as the half was in the mirror ,another virtual sandbox which recounts the chapter preceding to his virtualization on Lyoko. This other form is stuck with Aelita who had suffered amnesia (probably because she and X.A.N.A. were linked together) and the mirror was an eye opener for her to learn about her long-lost father's past and involvement in the supercomputer, the virtual world of Lyoko, and the rouge multi-agent system/artificial intelligence X.A.N.A.  

She sees her ten-year-old self sitting with twelve-year-old Richard .She also learns the reason of the palm computer's weird code .Being Aelita's best friend during that time, Franz Hopper entrusted him with a special email adress which was meant to help Aelita if she was in any trouble.That was during a time when emails were still at a young age hence it probably prompted him to remember it for life and still have it until then. 

Differences from the Show[]

  • X.A.N.A.'s redemption arc and Aelita's reunion with her mother confirm that this series and Code Lyoko Evolution are not set in the same canon.
  • The friendly-fire method used by the Lyoko Warriors to devirtualize themselves in the show is never used here. It is mentioned by Odd that it "really hurts," while Jeremie and Ulrich do not even consider it a possibility when trying to think of ways to send themselves back to Earth.
  • Materializing a person into the real world with their Lyoko form/powers is possible, but is a far more complicated procedure than the one seen in season four of the show.


  • The scene on the cover of the book depicts Jeremie, Yumi, and possibly Odd using scuba gear in the sewers, even though Jeremie is not present during this scene and never wears scuba gear.


  • The book's data file pages shows a photograph of Yumi's Lyoko avatar from season four, even though her descriptions throughout all four books make her out to be the geisha-like warrior from seasons 1-3.


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