Tania Palumbo is an artist who worked on Code Lyoko.

History Prior to Code Lyoko

Tania Palumbo was a Gobelins student, who partnered with Thomas Romain in their second year. They made Les enfants as a project under Antefilms. Based on this, they secured financing for Garage Kids. From there, the duo worked on the series Literary and Graphical bibles. Around this time, Thomas Romain chose to work on Oban Star Racers, rather than Code Lyoko. Tania stuck with Code Lyoko.

Involvement in Code Lyoko

Tania Palumbo was the creative director of the first 4 seasons of Code Lyoko. She also worked on the original character designs.

Non-Code Lyoko Related Work

Very little is publicly known about Tania's other work.

Further Reading

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