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Tania Palumbo is an artist and animator who was the co-creator and creative director of Code Lyoko.

History Prior to Code Lyoko[]

Tania Palumbo studied at the French animation school Gobelins in Paris. She partnered with her classmates Thomas Romain, Jérôme Cottray and Stanislas Brunet in their final year to create Les enfants, a short designed to serve as the introduction film to the 2000 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.[1][2] Palumbo specifically served as the character designer for the short.

The animation studio Antefilms took interest in the film for its atmosphere, and offered them the opportunity to turn it into a series, which Romain and Palumbo signed onto.[3]

Involvement in Code Lyoko[]

With the help of Carlo de Boutiny, the Romain and Palumbo developed the concept for Garage Kids and created a pilot in 2001, which Palumbo also worked on as an animator.

From there, the trio worked on the series' graphic bible over 2002. Romain ultimately decided to leave Garage Kids after the series shifted from a serialized story to an episodic one; wanting to move to Japan to make Ōban Star-Racers.[3][1] Tania remained on the series through its conclusion. After Garage Kids was officially greenlit by France 3 and Canal J, the producers wanted a new title for the series, feeling Garage Kids "wasn't very clear".[4] Palumbo, in agreeance with production manager Anne de Galard, decided on the name Code Lyoko.

Tania Palumbo was the creative director of the first 4 seasons of Code Lyoko. She also created all the original character and monster designs for the series in both 2D and 3D.[3][4] According to Romain, her style and design choices for the series were inspired by Japanese animator Kōji Morimoto.[3] Palumbo's personality was said to be the primary influence for Yumi.[5] She additionally decided to make Aelita's hair pink based on her own pink hair.[6] She also named most of the characters, naming Jeremie after her Gobelins classmate Jérémie Périn, and Odd after the English word's meaning of "strange" to highlight his "extraordinary" side.[3]

According to Romain, Palumbo left the animation industry after Code Lyoko ended. [3]


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