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The TV News Channel is a news network available in Boulogne-Billancourt. It is often played from the Factory Interface during X.A.N.A. attacks.




Ellen is a brunette woman who usually wears a grey pantsuit. She usually sits in front of a map of France or the world in the studio.

John Swamp[]


John Swam is a field reporter. He usually is on-scene in a grey suit reporting on what is often a X.A.N.A. attack.

Thomas Vincent[]

Cold War Thomas arrives to Kadic image 1

See full article: Thomas Vincent.


Guerre froide 052

Edna is Thomas Vincent's camera-person. She wears a brown coat over a red sweater, and jeans. She doesn't talk much, in fear of being fired by Vincent. She does, although, when she filmed the blizzard in Cold War, getting fired by him on the spot. She is still his partner because of a return to the past and reappears alongside him in Temporary Insanity.


  • Big Bug: They covered the story of the train collision.
  • Satellite: They covered the story of the satellite being hijacked. There was censorship.
  • Killer Music: They covered the story of the people being affected by the music. Disturbingly, despite most of the people around him either being unconscious or in haz-mat suits, John Swamp was not in one.
  • Cold War: Thomas Vincent was doing a story at the school.
  • Temporary Insanity: Thomas Vincent's team appeared briefly in a car accident.
  • Hot Shower: They covered the meteor of doom.