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The Subdigitals.

The Subdigitals, originally known as the Subsonics, are a band that makes a few appearances in Code Lyoko, though their music is constantly heard in the show.


Their song, Break Away, was the closing theme for the episodes from Seasons 2-4. Break Away was also heard in some episodes, such as A Great Day, Mister Pück, Saint Valentine's Day, The Chips Are Down, Cold War, Lyoko Minus One, Music to Soothe the Savage Beast, and Fight to the Finish. William quotes a line from the song in New Order.

The Subdigitals also created a soundtrack for the series, that included several of their "hit singles", one being A World Without Danger/Un Monde Sans Danger, which is the main opening for the series from Season 1 until the end of Season 4.

List of Songs[]

A list of their songs, released on the CD Code Lyoko Featuring Subdigitals, are as follows:

Series History[]

Subdigitals are often mentioned many times throughout Seasons 2-3. They were known as the Subsonics at that time.

In Opening Act, the drummer Chris Morales arrives at Kadic to find a talent for the opening act in their concert. Later, he finds the talent he was looking for in Aelita.

The Subdigitals appear in Crash Course, where they judge the finalists. Later, they decide Aelita should be the opening act and thus, the winner.

In Music to Soothe the Savage Beast, after the opening act performed by Aelita, they start their concert.

Band members[]

  • Chris Morales - The drummer. First appearance, Opening Act, when he visits his uncle Jim, at Kadic while looking for an opening act for the band's next concert.
  • Ben - The bass guitarist. First appearance: Crash Course.
  • Nico - The lead singer and guitarist. First appearance: Crash Course.
  • Sophie - The band's manager. First appearance: Crash Course. She also appeared in Music to Soothe the Savage Beast, where she was possessed by X.A.N.A..


  • According to Chris, the record label forced them to change their name from the Subsonics to the Subdigitals.
  • The members of the Subdigitals, as well as their manager Sophie, are based on key members in the production team of Code Lyoko:
  • Sophie was voiced by Mirabelle Kirkland in the English dub.
  • The Subdigitals appear in the comic Yumi, Subdigitals Groupie, where they hold auditions to find a dancer to be in their next video clip.
  • An image of the Subdigitals in cartoon form make an appearance on Aelita's social networking profile page in the Code Lyoko Evolution episode The Trap.
  • In the Code Lyoko Chronicles novel series, the band is named the Ceb Digitals. The band members in the novels consist of guitarist Freno, keyboardist Bumba, bass guitarist Mistik, and a lead singer named Gardenia. The latter of whom allegedly worked as a waitress in a Boston restaurant named Skate Willy before joining the band, though all evidence of her former career had reportedly been destroyed by the band's manager. As the manager goes unnamed in the books, it is unknown if they are Sophie or a different character original to the novels. The Underground Castle gives the band the motto, "Enjoy life and long live rock and roll!" and introduces a new song titled "Luv Luv Punka".