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Spectre in Fight to the Finish.

Spectres, also referred to as Ghosts, are basically computer programs given physical form in the real world. They are mainly used as extensions of X.A.N.A. that serve as its means of using its virus possession on real objects to launch its attacks, and creating pixelized humans to do its bidding.


Programming a spectre is done by activating a tower, which will send a digital impulse that will travel at hyper-speed through all the networks and gather huge amounts of energy, then guiding it by remote control toward an exit of the programmer's choosing (like anything electronic), and the impulse will come out as such. These ghosts usually emerge from anything electrical, such as power outlets, electrified fences, or computers. They can also go back into the network the same way at will.

A spectre in the real world is a floating, polymorphic energy field that is controlled by a specified set of programs. They have control over their form and density, allowing the spectre to be immune to harmful forces, and physically interact with solid objects. In the episode Franz Hopper, it was shown that the spectre itself can be used as a weapon, by entering and clogging a person's respiratory airways through the ears, nose, and mouth, suffocating them.

Spectres can also take human form. These spectres possess extreme strength and speed, and can shoot electricity. Their resolution can degrade when they're injured. Noteworthy human-form spectres include X.A.N.A. Yumi, the William Clone, and the Jeremie Clone.


Possession of an object or a living being is the spectre's main power. It melds with the vessel, and uses supernatural forces to modify them on a molecular level. This allows the programmer of the spectre to control systems, physical objects, and living beings.

Regardless of what or whomever is possessed, the spectre controlling the vessel will disappear when the Tower is neutralized, and the victim will lose consciousness with no memory of events during his time being possessed. With pixelized humans, the spectre also causes the person to have the eye of X.A.N.A.. in his eye, but the spectre can change it back to normal to hide its true self as shown in "Double Trouble".

Jeremie created a spectre similar to X.A.N.A.'s to pixelize Odd in "Tip-Top Shape", but gave him the ability to be mostly stand-alone.

People who regularly fight X.A.N.A. on Lyoko can become resistant to possession, as demonstrated in "Mister Pück".

In Code Lyoko Evolution, X.A.N.A. uses spectres to absorb Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi's source codes.

Polymorphic Clone

Polymorphic clones are really spectres that have the ability to morph into the appearance of any human, which eliminates the issue of possessing a vessel to interact with the real world. They also have powers similar to a pixelized human.

Monster Spectres

X.A.N.A. can also create monsters in the form of spectres; This was shown in Hard Luck when X.A.N.A. made the Kankrelats as spectres.

Xanadu Spectres

Spectres also appeared in Code Lyoko's first formal pilot, Garage Kids. In this, they appeared as black ghost-like creatures that emerged from electronics. First, they emerged from somebody's desktop computer, and again from Jeremie's laptop. Later on Xanadu, they attack both Ulrich and a tower.


Translation is when a Tower is used to create a spectre from someone who is virtualized. See Translation.


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