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descDate Name Thumbnail Size User Description
03:41, June 22, 2020Code lyoko.jpg (file)993 KBTaterWater 
22:57, June 16, 2020Untitled-0.png (file)226 KBXanthos9262 
22:55, June 16, 2020Title 2.png (file)188 KBXanthos9262 
22:52, June 16, 2020Title screen.jpg (file)50 KBXanthos9262 
22:52, June 16, 2020Switch menu.jpg (file)81 KBXanthos9262 
22:52, June 16, 2020Odd mirror.jpg (file)89 KBXanthos9262 
22:52, June 16, 2020Kadic zoom out.jpg (file)263 KBXanthos9262 
22:52, June 16, 2020Jeremie mirror.jpg (file)103 KBXanthos9262 
22:52, June 16, 2020Aelita in her room.jpg (file)108 KBXanthos9262 
10:08, June 7, 2020Aelita upset.png (file)990 KBVivi Akina 
10:08, June 7, 2020Aelita tower evo.png (file)919 KBVivi Akina 
09:09, May 29, 2020CE9B124D-D09A-42CB-AD3D-A6B7F411C145.jpeg (file)895 KBAdmiralZod1 
09:07, May 29, 202091BF0865-2AC1-4E4F-9914-AA88B4FB78C8.jpeg (file)764 KBAdmiralZod1 
23:04, May 23, 2020Aelita unconscious shoulder carry.jpeg (file)790 KBAdmiralZod1 
17:14, May 17, 2020IMG 1035-1-.jpg (file)8.09 MBLyokoWarrior12 
22:12, May 14, 2020CD17F66F-496F-4D2E-9756-01D97165B762.jpeg (file)293 KBAdmiralZod1 
21:46, May 14, 20209F6D138F-56AE-464C-836D-D49EBBAC752A.jpeg (file)538 KBAdmiralZod1 
19:47, May 1, 2020The Forest Sector and The Way Tower in Season 1.png (file)936 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
09:14, April 29, 2020Lyoko's Way Towers.png (file)863 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
15:23, April 26, 2020Yumi (Code Lyoko) Tessen Fans.gif (file)948 KBSeaDragon267 
21:55, April 25, 2020LOGO ifscl 40X.png (file)36 KBNaruuciaak 
23:08, April 13, 2020A World Without Danger.jpg (file)1.63 MBDmfbla20 
14:23, April 3, 2020A Blok seen on top of the mountain.PNG (file)447 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
07:35, April 2, 2020Terrified Students onthe Roof .png (file)426 KBYoko Savich 
04:54, February 18, 2020Yumi finds Sissi in William's room.png (file)182 KBEDB 
04:54, February 18, 2020Skeptical Sissi.png (file)153 KBEDB 
04:53, February 18, 2020Shocked Sissi.png (file)166 KBEDB 
04:50, February 18, 2020Yumi pretends to be in love with William.png (file)206 KBEDB 
04:49, February 18, 2020Sissi suspects about the William clone.png (file)167 KBEDB 
20:18, February 10, 20202D75B2E9-78C1-4871-8BB9-80B229833AE2.png (file)5.86 MBPowerRanger200 
19:48, February 10, 2020Aelita possessed in Mountain Sector.png (file)6.12 MBPowerRanger200 
01:21, February 8, 2020XANA Aelita Season 4.png (file)3.31 MBPowerRanger200 
17:12, February 5, 2020Yumi Replika in Desert.png (file)8.13 MBPowerRanger200 
12:22, January 27, 2020Code Lyoko Evolution 2.jpg (file)36 KBLyokoWarrior12 
12:21, January 27, 2020Code Lyoko Evolution.jpg (file)73 KBLyokoWarrior12 
17:53, January 24, 2020X.A.N.A.-Aelita and Ulrich frozen.png (file)6.78 MBPowerRanger200 
16:13, January 24, 2020The Mountain Sector covered in thick fog.PNG (file)353 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
13:19, January 12, 2020Milly and Tamiya possessed by X.A.N.A..png (file)622 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
20:37, January 4, 2020The Mountain Replika seen in CL Quest For Infinity.png (file)614 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
19:27, December 28, 2019Aelita with Three Odds in the Mountain Sector.png (file)498 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
19:26, December 28, 2019Aelita is being pursued by two Hornets in the flooded Mountain Sector.png (file)560 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
19:25, December 28, 2019A trio of Hornets in the flooded Mountain Sector.png (file)634 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
14:36, December 22, 2019Aelita about to throw the Energy Field.PNG (file)630 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
18:16, December 20, 2019The Skid being damaged by red ring barrier in Sector Five Replika.PNG (file)795 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
17:30, December 19, 2019Odd hiding behind the frozen up Blok.PNG (file)661 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
17:58, December 18, 2019Yumi with frozen arms after Blok's attack.PNG (file)553 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
12:43, December 18, 2019The Skidbladnir locks itself onto the tower in The Volcano Replika.png (file)592 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
12:40, December 18, 2019Aelita is looking at Scyphozoa with fear.png (file)820 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
19:32, December 10, 2019Ulrich following a Manta and three Hornets in the Desert Sector.png (file)393 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 
19:23, December 8, 2019The Forest Sector being engulfed by Marabounta.png (file)900 KBRUNEPATRIARCH 

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