Space Station

The Space Station is a location of one of the supercomputers X.A.N.A. used to sustain one of his Replikas. It had been constructed by the government fairly recently; the Lyoko Warriors had arrived ten days ahead of a new set of astronauts, as informed by Jeremie in A Space Oddity. The station itself has no artificial gravity, as Odd and Yumi discovered when they first arrived. X.A.N.A. used this station to hold the Replika of Sector Five and to create a large amount of silver orbs which could grow and retract spikes while firing themselves through anti-gravity to attack their targets. Odd ingeniously destroyed it as a result of water damage by thinking of Kiwi. All of the matte paintings of the station were made by Frédéric Perrin, and the station itself resembles the real-life Mir space station, which operated from 1986 to 2001 by the Soviet Union and later by Russia.


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