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Sophie in 2019 on her Hue Dada! Productions Profile

Sophie Decroisette is a professional writer of TV scripts and children's books. Her most famous work is being the head writer of the first three seasons of Code Lyoko. She also wrote the French editions of the novelizations of several Code Lyoko Episodes. She has been active since 1987. She is currently affiliated with Agence Kamaji.

She speaks native French and a little Italian.

Early Life

Sophie Decroisette was born in 1969. She is a graduate of Gobelins, like Thomas Romain, Tania Palumbo and Bruno Regeste. Her degree is in writing. She also taught there.

Code Lyoko Work

Sophie Decroisette served as the head writer for Seasons 1-3, but was replaced by Bruno Regeste for Season 4. She also storyboarded 2 episodes of Code Lyoko Evolution. She also wrote several episodes, wrote several novelizations of episodes, co-wrote several episodes, and co-wrote Code Lyoko Evolution's literary bible. She worked in French, and was only peripherally affiliated with the dub teams.

She either wrote or co-wrote the following episodes:

She storyboarded the following in "Code Lyoko: Evolution":

She wrote all of the pre-season 1 backstory after the first season was was completed. In an interview, she said she did not expect Season 1 to be successful, but enjoyed writing it. She regards Code Lyoko to be her greatest success. She also commented that although she was not involved in the dubbing process, she regarded the English dub to be extremely successful.

Her favorite episodes are "Ghost Channel" and "Contact". She invented with Jérôme Mouscadet, the "I'd rather not talk about it" gag for Jim, resulting in the other writers joining in on it. She initially planned for Season 4 to end with Ulrich and Yumi finally kissing.

Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Work

Sophie Decroisette has worked on over 50 TV series, books, and films. She has worked as a writer, head writer, storyboarder, and literary bible writer. These are some of the noteworthy projects she has worked on:

  • "Martin Martin"
  • "Lou!"
  • "J'écris dans l'espace"
  • "Highlander"

Activity in the Animation Community

Sophie Decroisette is a powerful figure in the European animation industry. She has filled the following roles:

  • Expert for the Committee on Innovation CNC background.
  • Reader to the Committee on Innovation CNC background.
  • Member of a jury at the end of study EAEC (European Academy of Audiovisual Writing) section "draft animated feature"
  • Associate Member of the SACD

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