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The research facility seen from a distance.

The Siberian Research Facility, also named the "Union Base", is a research facility in Siberia. Appropriately, it housed the Ice Replika.

It was first seen in Cold Sweat, and last seen in Down to Earth. In Cold Sweat, X.A.N.A. sent William to this facility to prevent Yumi and Odd from destroying the supercomputer it housed. Aelita used the tower regulating this to get the programs controlling William. Aelita used the supercomputer here in Down to Earth to enter the data to help save William. This facility's supercomputer was never physically destroyed, as the Skid was destroyed first. However, Jeremie's X.A.N.A. Destruction Program probably purged it in Fight to the Finish.

This facility is one X.A.N.A. repurposed to manufacture its army of combat robots that it would have used to take over the world. It also contained a room filled with brains in tanks, but the reason why was never discovered.


The Union Base's exact location is 63 degrees north, 16 minutes north, 143 degree 15 minutes east. It approximately corresponds with Tomtor, a village in Sakha Republic, Russia.

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Disturbingly, there is an actual facility of some kind there, with the same general shape as the facility as shown in the show.