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The Self Virtualisation Program, as its name states, is a program used to virtualize oneself on to Lyoko, without the need of an operator to do so for you. It was first seen in Uncharted Territory, where Aelita used it to virtualize herself into the Forest Sector. The program was shown to be set up by Franz Hopper when he used it in one of Aelita's flashbacks to send him and her to Lyoko to escape the government.

William also used it in William Returns to virtualize himself and Aelita into Sector Five while he was under X.A.N.A.'s control.

It is shown in Crash Course that Aelita and Jeremie give specific code names to programs, as Ulrich found out when he activated a program titled 'Big Fat Cheese Head', which Aelita later reveals is a self virtualization directly into the Mountain Sector (Aelita told Yumi that the code name comes from a private joke between herself and Jeremie).

In Get Ready to Virtualize, Yumi used it to virtualize herself in Chapter 10.

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