The Sector Five Replika is the third Replika seen in the Season 4. It made its first and only appearance in A Space Oddity. As usual, this Replika contains one sector: Sector Five (although the Skidbladnir emerged from the Digital Sea that of the Desert Replika). The Supercomputer for the Replika was located in the heart of a Space Station. Unlike Jeremie's recreation, this version of Sector Five still contained a security system, which can only be deactivated by tripping the key lever. Tripping the lever would not cause any countdown to stop, though, but rather stop a destructive trap that X.A.N.A. had planned on the Skid. Ulrich managed to hit it in time, but got devirtualized in the process.

Unlike Sector Five in Lyoko, it is certain that the Replika does not contain the Skid Hangar (the entrance to it brings one directly to the tower room), the Arena, or any Data Tunnels (even though they were shown after the Skid entered the Replika, but it was just a reverse scene of the ship leaving Sector Five). It is possible that the Replika has some core system (like the Heart of Lyoko), though this is unknown.

This Replika was destroyed in the same episode after Odd cracked some pipes with a hammer. They leaked water onto the computer interface, causing the whole computer to short-circuit and explode.