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Sector 2 Escape is one of the flash games in the Code Lyoko franchise. The basic premise of the game is to pilot Yumi Ishiyama on the Overwing through various obstacle sets in the Desert Sector without running out of fuel or hitting anything. It was created by Kabillion in Adobe Flash.


The game uses directional keys to move Yumi in a particular direction, speed up, and slow down.


The player controls Yumi on the Overwing. She starts on one platform which is inexplicably hovering in the Desert, and must make it to the other platform without hitting anything. If she goes out of bounds, hits the other platform too hard, or hits anything else; she blows up, the level resets, and she looses a life. The game finishes when she runs out of her 3 initial lives, or she finishes all 8 levels, whichever happens first. Fuel is consumed by motion, with a per-level score calculated based on a mixture of fuel consumption and quality of landing.

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