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In the episode False Lead, two agents investigated Kadic Academy, claiming to belong to an "Ultra-High-Security Division of the Secret Service."


Both men were dressed in black suits and wore earpieces and sunglasses. They were highly trained, and when they arrived at Kadic were equipped with high-tech surveillance equipment.

The two men gave little information about who they were working for, going so far as to say they themselves didn't even know. The men were both highly suspicious of outsiders and potential suspects, acting with intimidating force as a means of asserting their authority.


Upon their arrival at Kadic, the two men forcibly entered the office of Jean-Pierre Delmas, claiming to be investigation a cyber theft of classified defense data whose trail had led them to a specific phone line. The phone line in question turned out to belong to Jeremie, whom the agents immediately placed under the suspect list. They visited his room, only to discover his computer and begin to theorize as to 'which terrorist cell' Jeremie was working for. Both men then enlisted the assistance of Mr. Delmas and Jim, who volunteered due to his own past experience in the secret service.

The two men spent the rest of the day using their equipment to survey Jeremie from the school's basement. Most of their surveillance turned out to be useless, however, due in part to Jim's poor placement of the cameras and microphones. The only thing they were able to hear was a conversation between Jeremie and Odd, discussing the possible 'end of the world' if they were unable to locate 'Jean-Pierre' (which, unbeknownst to the agents, was the name of Odd's digital pet). This was enough to convince the agents to continue investigating Jeremie by placing a tracer on him.

The two agents then followed Jeremie to the factory, where they placed Jeremie under arrest. One agent took Jeremie back to Kadic while the other continued to investigate the factory and the Supercomputer. Jeremie attempted to convince the agent of his innocence, only for both agents to suddenly become possessed by X.A.N.A., who forced the agents to try to kill the group and destroy the scanners in an ensuing brawl. After a long and hard fight, Aelita was able to deactivate the tower on Lyoko and free both agents of their possession. Jeremie then triggered a return to the past, wiping their memories of the day's events.


  • It's never revealed who was actually responsible for the stolen documents the agents were searching for. Jeremie theorizes X.A.N.A. is responsible however, and the agents not being at Kadic after the return to the past suggest this.
  • Sophie Decroisette confirmed these agents are not related to the Men in Black responsible for Anthea's disappearance.[1]