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Second Sight is a psionic ability that allows Aelita to see the invisible inner workings of Lyoko. While Aelita meditates on Lyoko, she has the power to "sense" things, for example: X.A.N.A.'s presence, the actions of someone using the Supercomputer, a tower, and the whereabouts of any monsters or avatars. This psionic ability can also be used to see materials that X.A.N.A. has hidden such as pulses that emit from activated towers or parts of the landscape that the multi-agent program has rendered invisible. She uses it only twice after the first season due to being able to leave Lyoko freely thanks to the innovation of the Superscan. The first time was to locate a tower that X.A.N.A. had rendered invisible along with the area that it had been located on, while the second happened when the supercomputer had been bugged thanks to Odd showing Brynja Heringsdötir the factory. There, since the Superscan was giving off false alarms, she went to Lyoko in order to sense if X.A.N.A. would attempt an attack. However, she didn't sense anything.

In Attack of the Zombies, Aelita used this power to see the Desert Sector when X.A.N.A. rendered it partially invisible. It had an inverted color palette.

In Suspicions, she seemed to have used this ability, as she told Jeremie that she needed to "feel Lyoko" across the Desert Sector, saying that it was calm and serene like her late father, and not chaotic like the Cortex.

Times When Used[]

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Seasons 1-2[]


  • Unlike the first season, where she would sit and meditate; in Attack of the Zombies, Aelita remained standing and simply closed her eyes to use this ability. She could also detect X.A.N.A.'s mere presence due to her connection with Lyoko itself. She uses this psionic ability less since regaining her full humanity.
  • As she is no longer linked to X.A.N.A. itself, since regaining her humanity, she doesn't use this psionic ability as much as before.
  • This is the third known physic/psionic power on Lyoko. However, it was used far more frequently than either Yumi's telekinesis or Odd's anticipation.
  • In the video game, Quest for Infinity, Aelita was known to use this psychic ability when she detected William's presence within the crater full of towers in the Volcano Replika.

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