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Plot Summary[]

The key to materilization? You found it at last?!


Jeremie Belpois, Ulrich Stern, Odd Della Robbia and Yumi Ishiyama fight against the evil artificial intelligence X.A.N.A, They do this by going into a virtual world named "Lyoko", And helping the pink warrior Aelita, A girl trapped inside Lyoko, To deactivate X.A.N.A's tower, All while juggling their everyday school-life, Lyoko and its inhabitants (Aelita, X.A.N.A and its monsters and Franz Hopper, Altough he was not introduced 'till season 2) are held within a supercomputer in an abandoned factory, The reason why they do not deactivate the computer to stop X.A.N.A for good, Is that it would kill Alieta, The main goal of the lyoko warriors this season, Is to materilize Alieta so that they can shut off the supercomputer, By the end of the season, The mission ends up succesful, But X.A.N.A "implants a virus into Alieta which stops her from being able to live without X.A.N.A alive too" (Which is Jeremie's conclusion, However the true reason is because the supercomputer contains Alieta's memories before being on Lyoko, And so she cannot live without them).

Episode list[]


As the end of the year school prom is about start, Milly is bullied by Sissi, Causing her to leave her teddybear in the garden shed, This allows X.A.N.A to take control of the teddybear and cause havoc in the town.

Seeing is believing[]

X.A.N.A hijacks the city's nucelar plant and attempts to cause a meltdown, The sheer impact that a failure of this mission could leave causes Yumi to want to tell the cops instead of risking it on Lyoko, The team splits up as Yumi goes out to try to convince the authorities as Jeremie, Ulrich, Odd & Alieta need to deactivate the tower before it's too late.

Holiday in the fog[]

Ulrich and Jeremie commit a prank on Jim at night, This ends with Jeremie getting detention for the holiday, However he is not too distressed as it gives him more time to work on Aelita's materilization, Meanwhile, X.A.N.A creates a dangerous gas to suffocate the school.

Log book[]

Sissi steals Ulrich's diary and learns about Lyoko, She decides to blackmail Ulrich, So that if he dosen't date her she will tell the principal, X.A.N.A hijacks the school bus and attempts to drive it into a chemical plant, Yumi ends up blackmailing Sissi back so that Ulrich can get back his diary.

Big Bug[]

Jeremie creates a program that warns him of unnatrual disasters that could be caused by X.A.N.A, It immediatly warns of 2 automatic trains heading towards each other, 1 of which contains toxic chemicals thar will cause major enviromental damage.

Image Problem[]

On a seemingly normal mission, Yumi gets "devirtualizied" with 100 life points, After this, Yumi starts acting extremely strangely, Complementing Sissi, Being aggressive to teachers, And only talking about being sent to Lyoko, This comes to a breaking point when Yumi flirts with Jeremie, As Ulrich and Odd enter the room, She then breaks Jeremie's computer to get them to go to the factory, Alieta then tells them that the Yumi they were working with was a fake created by X.A.N.A, And that the real Yumi was trapped in a guardian, They realize that "Yumi" isn't with them, Only to find her destroying the scanners, They free the real Yumi who then goes to fight the fake Yumi with Jeremie, as Odd, Ulrich and Alieta must deactivate the tower.

End of take[]

The movie director James Finson plans to make a movie in the abandondend factory, Ulrich & Sissi get a role in the movie, James shows off the suit of the monster thats going to star in the movie, X.A.N.A possess the suit in order to get rid of the lyoko warriors.


Randomly in a class, Everyone's phones start ringing, Yet none have a caller on the other end, This causes Mrs.Hertz to confiscate everyone's phones, The adults decide to try and cut the connection so that nobody can use phones in class anymore, The children are very upset, Sissi decides to take out this anger as a protest, Jeremie finds out that the reason of the event is that X.A.N.A is attempting to hijack a space satellite armed with a laser.

The girl of the dreams[]

Jeremie seems to have lost access to communication with Alieta, Conviently that very same day, A new student who looks extremely similar to Alieta, Taelia, Starts attending Kadic, This causes Jeremie to believe that he was finally able to materialize Alieta, Thinking that the electric shock erased her memory, Jeremie confessess about Lyoko to Taelia, Meanwhile, X.A.N.A possess samurai armor that Yumi had brought to school, And tracks down Jeremie, Jeremie takes Taelia to the factory, Taelia tells him that if X.A.N.A is so dangerous, He should shut off the supercomputer, Ulrich and Odd come to intervene, Convincing him to let them investigate in Lyoko, Taelia makes a sneaky getaway and starts heading for the principal, Ulrich and Odd find Alieta in a guardian, Where they free her and deactivate the tower, A return to the past is made and everything is back to normal.


Principle Delmas is thinking that Jeremie is an extremely advanced student, They want to preform an IQ test, If Jeremie succeeds, He's sent to an advanced school, X.A.N.A possesses rats and tries to attack the school, Meanwhile Jeremie has to try his hardest to bomb the test.

Just in time[]

Jeremie finally materlizes a hair of Alieta, Which allows him to be ready to materlize her tomorrow, However the others back him out of it due to Alieta just not being ready (No birth certificate, Parents, School, etc.), Jeremie realizes that Alieta's program is full of bugs, The bugs mean that if she tries interacting with tower mainframes, She will be deleted from Lyoko, X.A.N.A tries to wreck the school using ultrasound waves, However as Odd, Milly & Timiya are about to be crushed inside the school, Alieta decides to sacrifice herself, However Jeremie is able to revirtualize her by using the hair that he materelized previously.


• This is the only season animated by Antefilms, Later seasons were by Moonscoop.

• This season had a much lower animation quality, The animation was stiffer and the lighting was much less alive

• There was also an artstyle change, The characters in Lyoko look slightly diffrent, The forest sector was at sunset, and the colors were much less saturated.