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The Scorpion is a powerful monster that appeared exclusively in Code Lyoko: Get Ready to Virtualize.


The Scorpion, contrary to what its name suggests, bears more of a resemblance to an ostrich-like creature than an actual scorpion, though with obvious differences. The Scorpion has two long arms that, due to the large metal contraptions on the end of them, act as legs. It has a very fleshy body even by Monster standards, and even has organic tissue connecting various parts of its body to each other. It also has a ribcage that makes it look like it hasn't eaten in a while. As for how the Scorpion gets its name, the Scorpion has a long, technorganic tail with long spines on it that end with a large, sharp blade, acting as the tail's stinger. The Scorpion's head has the X.A.N.A. emblem on it, and it resembles a bird face immensely, including having the presence of what appears to be a beak.


The Scorpion appears in Get Ready to Virtualize as the final boss. It fought Yumi; Odd; Ulrich; and, in a cutscene, Aelita. When Aelita reached the Heart of Lyoko, a Scorpion jumped at her, only to be blasted in its eye of X.A.N.A. with Aelita's Energy Field, sending it over the edge.

The Scorpion is fought in three phases, each one involving Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich respectively. Each time Scorpion was given enough damage by the trio, a part of it would break off, beginning the next phase.

This was the only appearance of the Scorpion.


The Scorpion uses a wide array of attacks. It fires lightning bolts from a distance (which can be deflected but not blocked normally), swipes with its tail if you get too close, and will occasionally charge your character, its footsteps creating small shockwaves as it goes. As it takes damage, it may also jump in place, creating a large shockwave, or may slam its tail into the ground, also producing a shockwave.

While the Scorpion can be taken down by simply attacking it from a distance as much as possible while avoiding its lethal close quarters attacks, the fastest and safest approach is to lure it into charging at you. The moment its footsteps stop making shockwaves, it becomes vulnerable for a short period, during which any attack will temporarily stun it, leaving it momentarily vulnerable. Executing combos during this time will deal a lot of damage. Note that the Scorpion becomes temporarily invulnerable when it recovers, so if your attacks stop injuring it you should get some distance, as it usually responds by generating powerful shockwaves as soon as it regains its feet.


  • The scorpion can swing its spiked tail as an attack.
  • It can shoot lightning.
  • Its footsteps shake the ground and can injure players.


  • The Scorpion is the only original boss in Get Ready to Virtualize. All other bosses, such as the Megatank and the Scyphozoa, appeared in the show before the creation of the game.
  • The Scorpion's number of life points is unknown.