The Science Building is a building on the grounds of Kadic Academy, located just opposite the Sports Field. It is dedicated to various science classes that require special equipment. It has its own generator and is isolated from the sewer system as well as the rest of the school. It is 4 floors tall, not counting the roof. The Science Building serves as an important location in many episodes of Code Lyoko, including Plagued.

The Science Building has a computer lab where Samantha found a computer to "borrow" in Rock Bottom?. X.A.N.A. also used the laughing gas stored in this building in Laughing Fit. Many of X.A.N.A.'s attacks are based on the things that the Lyoko Warriors learn at Ms. Hertz's class. During some of these attacks students and teachers go to the roof in order to be safe.

Mrs. Hertz took several students there during the blizzard in Cold War.


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