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This article is for Samantha Suares from Code Lyoko Evolution. For the character from Code Lyoko, see Samantha Knight.

Samantha Suares is Odd's main love interest in Code Lyoko Evolution. She is a student at Kadic Academy and an adaptation of Samantha Knight from the original series.[1]

She is portrayed by Louise Vallat.

Personal Life[]

Samantha Suares was first introduced in Countdown, although she can be seen in the background of earlier episodes (probably to make for more background characters). She and Odd have known each other for a long time, but Samantha only started boarding at Kadic very recently after a dispute with her father.

Odd pursues her as a love interest, even buying her a thousand red roses when he believes he's won the lottery. Samantha is hesitant about starting a relationship with him again because they're constantly being interrupted by X.A.N.A. attacks and Odd can't tell her the truth about why he keeps running off.

Samantha Knight and Samantha Suares[]

Although they share the same first name and role as Odd's love interest, they have different characteristics.

The most noticeable difference between them is their hair and skin color. Samantha Knight had dark hair and a dark brown skin tone. Suares on the other hand has a pale complexion and her hair is blonde.

Other differences include financial status, personality, hobbies and attitude towards Odd. It is implied they both have a rebellious streak, or at least bad grades, due to both versions of Samantha moving schools in both shows.


Season Five: Evolution


  • Some fans suppose that a Caucasian actress was chosen to play the part (prompting the complete change of character from Samantha Knight to Samantha Suares) because of the abundance of racism in France, not Moonscoop's budget. It's uncommon for a main or secondary character to have dark skin in French live action media.
  • After an argument, her father chose to enroll her in a boarding school and she chose Kadic. However, she has been seen leaving the grounds with the rest of the day students, which puts her current accommodation into question.
  • In the Polish version of Evolution, she was voiced by Natalia Jankiewicz.