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This article is for Samantha Knight from Code Lyoko. For the character from Code Lyoko Evolution, see Samantha Suarez.

Samantha "Sam" Knight is one of the many girls that Odd has dated over the course of the show. She, however, is different in many ways from the rest. For example, she doesn't attend Kadic Academy. She first appeared in the episode Rock Bottom? and made her last appearance in Final Round.

Physical Appearance

Samantha has a dark-skin tone and dark brown hair with red streaks on the side about the same length as Yumi's. Her outfit consists of a dark gray short sleeved shirt with red claw marks on the front that bares a midriff, black bell-bottoms, a red plaid skirt over them, and dark gray shoes. She also has on a black choker and black wristbands.


Samantha attended Mathison, a school near Kadic Academy. She and Odd met prior to the events of Rock Bottom? and Odd invited her to DJ at a party they were having at Yumi's house. Coming from a poor family, Sam tried to steal a laptop from Kadic's computer lab so she could DJ, since she couldn't afford one herself. Odd got in trouble for covering for her. Odd ended up saving her life later in the episode.

Her monetary status also prevented her from attending Kadic with Odd.

She appears again in Final Round after a year of being away from Odd. Apparently, her family moved to a house on the French coast, despite being poor. Odd later breaks up with her, but stays on good terms with her after she lies to him about a X.A.N.A. attack, in which Ulrich asked her to tell Odd about (he wanted her to tell him to go to "he knows where right away").

They stay on good terms, even despite her moving far away from Kadic.


Season One

Season Three


  • Samantha is the only girl who Odd has had romantic feelings for that lasted for at least more than one episode.
  • Samantha's character is adapted into Samantha Suarez in Code Lyoko Evolution. The two share the same role as Odd's love interest, but are not the same character. Notable differences include skin and hair colour, as well as backstory.
  • Samantha was originally going to be named "Francesca"; this was revealed in the original script for Rock Bottom?.