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This is a guide regarding which methods of Running Code Lyoko Games work. Due to the deprecation of Adobe Flash and Shockwave, alternate methods of playing some of the games in the Code Lyoko franchise are required.

Method Descriptions[]

Adobe Flash Debugger[]

Although Adobe has deprecated support for Adobe Flash with no regard for non-commercial third party support, as of writing, they still allow for their debugging tools to be downloaded. They can be found here: Note that this does not support Shockwave files.






GNU Gnash[]

Status of the Social Game[]

No viable method of running the social game currently exists, as it was dependent on third party APIs and backend services.

Win 10 Compatibility Table[]

Game Adobe Flash Debugger Ruffle Flashpoint Newgrounds Lightspark GNU Gnash Conifer
Monster Swarm Debugger crashes, but loads partially Partially loads and crashes Untested
Frelion Attack Untested Poor frame rate, but works Untested
France 3 Game Incompatible. Untested Untested
Course Code Lyoko Not as a local SWF file, but yes as remote Hangs in loading Untested
Perdus dans Lyokô Untested Untested Untested
Manta Bomber Untested Untested Untested
Treinamento Anti-ZENA Untested Untested Untested
Code Lyoko's Galaxy Untested Untested Untested
Sector 2 Escape Untested Untested Untested
Aelita's Battle Untested Untested Untested
Mort des Frelions Untested Untested Untested
Odd's Battle Untested Untested Untested
Code Lyoko Race 2 Untested Untested Untested

Mac OS Compatibility Table[]

Linux/Posix Compatibility Table[]

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