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Revelation is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 2 and the fifty-first episode of Code Lyoko.


The episode begins in Sector Five, with Aelita collecting data at the interface in the Celestial Dome while Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd battle several swarms of Mantas. Aelita finishes her work and uploads the data to Jeremie before the group escapes the remaining Mantas on their vehicles and Jeremie manually devirtualizes them, bringing them back to Earth.

The group convenes in the lab, where Jeremie is confident this new batch of data will allow them to decrypt Franz Hopper's diary. Aelita mentions that only the supercomputer will be able to decrypt so much data at once and they will need to activate a tower in order to run the decryption program, and Yumi points out that it could be dangerous, as X.A.N.A. is not willing to let them use the towers for their own use, but Jeremie insists there is no other option. He stays in the lab to prepare for the next mission while the others take a break for lunch.

In the school cafeteria, Odd, Aelita, and Ulrich sit down together and discuss their grade point averages until Ulrich makes a faux pas by mentioning Aelita's status as an AI. Aelita excuses him, saying she is comfortable with the fact that she is not human, but confesses to finding Earth familiar as if she had lived here once before.

After lunch, Odd receives an anonymous text message from a girl who wants to meet him in the woods and leaves Ulrich and Aelita to meet her. At the Factory, Jeremie is alerted to an activated tower and calls the others, asking them to come back. Ulrich and Aelita decide to leave without Odd and return to the Factory with Yumi. In the woods, Odd starts looking for his secret admirer but suddenly gets a message from Jeremie. Additionally the mysterious text is revealed to be a trap set by XANA and Odd is captured by a spectre.

Yumi, Ulrich, and Aelita arrive at the factory, but Odd is nowhere to be found. Jeremie calls Odd's phone while Yumi, Ulrich, and Aelita go down to the scanner room, but no one picks up. Giving up on Odd, Jeremie sends the other three to the Mountain Sector. Just then, Odd arrives in the scanner room, acting uncharacteristically surly, and is virtualized as well. During Odd's virtualization, Jeremie detects a bug, but before he can do anything about it, he is distracted when the activated tower deactivates itself for unknown reasons. With the threat gone, the group decides to go along with the original plan of activating their own tower and running the decryption program. Ulrich, Aelita, and Yumi begin to notice Odd's strange behavior but dismiss it as possibly having being rejected by the mysterious girl as Jeremie virtualizes their vehicles and directs them to the designated tower.

They arrive at the tower, and Aelita enters while Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi wait outside and stand guard. Aelita and Jeremie work together to activate the tower and start the decryption program. It appears fully operational, much to Jeremy’s joy, and him and Aelita are prepared to wait patiently for the program to take its time while it works its magic. Just then, Jeremy alerts the gang to the monsters XANA has just sent in their direction, but cannot see them through the thick fog. When they get closer, they see it’s a trio of Tarantulas approaching the tower, and Ulrich is the first to be surprised that XANA has pulled out the heavy artillery for this mission. The heroes arm themselves but before the battle starts, Odd turns on the others and shoots down Yumi. While she is immediately devirtualized, Ulrich manages to hold his ground with his saber, informing Jeremy that Odd has been XANAfied. Jeremy and Aelita can’t make of sense of that since they know it’s impossible. When he takes heavy fire from the tarantulas behind him, he manages to escape on the Overbike.

Meanwhile, at the Hermitage, there is a running water tab and water pouring into a hole in the ground where the Odd is, revealing that the team has been infiltrated by a polymorphic clone posing as Odd. The real Odd was knocked out and has been dumped inside a water drain that is slowly being filled with water from the tap. Odd wakes up and desperately tries to escape, but cannot climb high enough due to the walls being smooth and slippery. However, he refuses to give up so easily.

On Lyoko, Ulrich is pursued by the clone on the Overboard all the while wondering how XANA could’ve pulled a possession trick. That’s when Jeremy realizes it’s one of XANA’s polymorphic specters and Yumi wonders where is the real Odd. Back at the Hermatage, Odd’s escape attempts prove hopeless as his situation grows grimmer by the minute. He has no choice but to call for help at this point, which only proves equally hopeless with nobody around to hear him.

While the tarantulas guard Aelita’s tower, Ulrich continues his battle with the clone on their vehicles. Jeremy tells Ulrich that the pursuit is a trap to lure Ulrich away from the tower when Jeremy sees that X.A.N.A. is attempting to take control of it and tells Aelita to abort the mission at once. Meanwhile, Yumi is looking for the real Odd in the woods where he went missing, but has better luck of finding a needle in a haystack. Jeremy tells Yumi that while he was hacking into the network, he managed to gain access to the emergency telephone closest to Odd’s cell phone and reasons that if he still has it on him, he’s in the North-East corner of the woods near the Hermitage and she sets sail.

On Lyoko, Aelita discovers the decoding program cannot be stopped due to it taking up too many resources. Jeremie realizes the worst of their predicament; if X.A.N.A. gains control of the tower while the program is running, he will gain access to the restricted part of the Supercomputer where Jeremy keeps all the team’s most sensitive materials. That means XANA will not only seize all of the data regarding Franz Hopper's diary, but also everything Jeremie has built in the virtual world since the beginning, including but not limited to the combat gear, the transfer codes, the vehicles, and, worst of all, Aelita's Materialization Program. Jeremie tells Ulrich of their dire situation and orders him back to the tower before it’s too late. He adds that the tower can be isolated by cutting off the wires connected to it and Ulrich rides back to the tower. However, Ulrich’s efforts are hampered by the clone who still intends to devirtualize him as it did with Yumi.

Ulrich returns to the tower and defeats two of the Tarantulas before attempting to severe the tower's cables, which would prevent X.A.N.A. from gaining control of it. However, he is stopped by the clone and the third tarantula. When Ulrich tells the clone that its efforts are in vain as Odd never defeated him, the clone takes his word for it and changes its tactics by transforming from Odd into a XANA mirror of Ulrich and Ulrich has no choice but to admit that this changes things, and they resume their duel. In the well, Odd is still calling for help in vain as he is totally submerged in water.

On Lyoko, as the tower's aura begins to ominously fluctuate, indicating how close XANA is coming to taking control of it, Jeremy informs Aelita that XANA's victory is guaranteed if they can't stop the program at once. However, Aelita further tells Jeremy that there's nothing she can do to stop it while everything's glitchy. Meanwhile, Ulrich continues a furious fight to the finish with the clone, which is currently just one continuous stalemate since they're evenly matched now. However, that stalemate is broken in the clone's favor when it manages to steal Ulrich's katana and pair it with its own.

Meanwhile, at the Hermitage, the water has risen high enough for Odd to reach the grate at the top, but it is bolted to the ground and he is not strong enough to pull it open. In Yumi's search, she finds Odd's phone and since she notices the Hermitage in the distance, she decides to check the abandoned house for some clues about Odd's whereabouts.

With XANA's takeover imminent, Ulrich is in trouble now that he's defenseless against an opponent in his exact likeness with twin blades. However, Ulrich pulls off a trick to get his katana back and strikes the clone, defeating it once and for all. With that loose end finally cut off, he races back to the tower to sever its cables just as Jeremy ordered, but he is devirtualized by the last Tarantula before he can do so, rendering the tower completely defenseless.

At the Hermitage, Yumi investigates the grounds and calls out for Odd. Completely submerged and just barely managing to surface his mouth for air, he tries to call Yumi in on his position. When she notices the running water, shuts off the tap and finds Odd caged in the well. She tries to pry to metal grate off the drain while Odd struggles to breathe.

On Lyoko, X.A.N.A. is just seconds away from overpowering the tower and nullifying the supercomputer's restrictions. The situation appears completely hopeless before Franz Hopper comes to the rescue. He overpowers XANA's grip on the tower and turns it white (like in the previous episode) as he activates it himself. With the tower safe at last, the decryption program is allowed to run to completion at full speed.

Meanwhile, back at the Hermitage, Odd is only seconds away from drowning before Yumi, with tremendous struggle, manages to rip the grate off the well and she rescues Odd just in time. Having escaped yet another one of XANA's death traps, Odd humorously states that no girl has ever kept him waiting so long and he and Yumi share a laugh. The last Tarantula retreats as Franz Hopper releases the tower from his control. Jeremy calls up Yumi and she tells him that Odd is safe and he tells her that the decoding of Franz Hopper's diary is finally in full swing.

The Lyoko Warriors return to Kadic and regroup in Jeremie's dorm room, where he recounts for them the things he has learned from Franz Hopper's diary so far. He confirms their suspicions that Hopper once lived on Earth, and that he created X.A.N.A. while in the process of building Lyoko. He then reveals to them that Franz Hopper had a daughter who was virtualized with him onto Lyoko. Aelita struggles to comprehend this at first since she would've known about Hopper's daughter since the beginning. However, the Earth-shattering truth is revealed when everybody realizes that she is not an artificial intelligence but is, in fact, Franz Hopper's daughter.


Revelation book

The cover of the book adaptation

  • The original French name for this episode is Révélation, which is exactly the same as the English title, but with accent marks on the e's.
  • This episode premiered in France and the U.S. as a double bill with The Key.
    • Originally the episodes were planned to be titled Revelation Part 1 and Revelation Part 2, similarly to X.A.N.A. Awakens.[1][2]
  • This is the only episode in the original series where a polymorphic clone is seen on Lyoko, as well as demonstrating that it’s power is enhanced just like the rest of the gang
  • This episode got its own novel, but it was only released in French.


  • When Ulrich tells Jeremy that X.A.N.A. had taken over Odd not knowing it was a polymorphic clone but however in Mister Pück it was stated that anyone who has gone to Lyoko several times cannot be possessed by X.A.N.A. Ulrich should've realized that by now.



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