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This page is for the location. For the episode, go to Wreck Room.

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The Rec Room is a room at Kadic. It is mainly for recreation for dorm students, but day students are allowed in as well. It has many amenities such as foosball table, ping-pong table, television set and so on. It was first mentioned and made its debut in the episode Wreck Room, when Principal Delmas and Jim entered the cafeteria during breakfast and announced that the building had been complete. Mr. Delmas also announced that the room would be the responsibility of the students, and that they would need to elect a supervisor for the room. The nominees were the William clone, Sissi, Emily LeDuc, and Anais Fiquet.

Unfortunately, the William clone is elected, and because of his dim-wittedness, Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd take on the responsibility to supervise him, and make sure he does not do anything too dumb to blow his cover. For example, the clone is given the keys to the room, and he is shown to be incompetent when it comes to using them. When Heidi asks him to unlock the fridge, Yumi offers to do it instead, stating that William probably had more important things to do. After a return in time, Sissi was elected to be the room's supervisor after she had helped Ulrich fight off the X.A.N.A.-possessed clone. This position was never mentioned again.


Season 4[]


The rec room has entertainment for both dorm students and day students alike.

  • A TV set, complete with a couch.
  • A ping-pong table.
  • A foosball table.
  • A radio.

The room also has a small booth-like area for the students who just want to sit and relax; it is located right behind the TV set.