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The US Wii cover.

Quest for Infinity is a Code Lyoko video game released for the Wii based on Season 4 of the series. It was also released for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. It is followed by Fall of X.A.N.A..

Many of the voice actors from the series return to reprise their characters for this game.

Gameplay and Story[]

The game features the warriors in their season 4 appearances and story-wise picks up from the end of season 3. Throughout the game, the characters will go on missions to Lyoko and to numerous Replikas seeking to confront X.A.N.A. and rescue William.

The gameplay focuses primarily on Lyoko mission, where the player takes control of the Lyoko warriors to explore sectors, clear obstacles, and defeat monsters. The player can switch between available characters at any time while visiting a sector or Replika, but some characters may not be available during certain story mode missions. Each character features a primary means of attack, a special power that can be used both in combat and for clearing obstacles, plus one or more specialized abilities for accessing new areas. Levels that have been fully explored can be revisited to uncover hidden upgrades and bonus material.

The game also features digital sea levels, in which the player must maneuver a Nav Skid through the level while destroying enemies and evading obstacles.

Outside of Lyoko, the player can interact with characters at the school between levels, which occasionally rewards players with bonus material. One can also edit the gameplay options, view collected bonus content, or see the winners of a drawing contest for new monster designs. By visiting the factory, one can select a new level to play or purchase upgrades for character combat abilities.


The monsters in Quest for Infinity include most of the monster varieties from the series. However, most returning species are accompanied by two alternate varieties. These new varieties may be stronger, demonstrate different behaviors or abilities, and in some cases even look slightly different.

The following is a list of the monsters that appear in the sectors and their varieties:

Sector Monsters[]

  • Kankrelats
    • Main variety pursues the character and fires lasers.
    • A black variety that clings to walls and fires in short laser barrages.
    • A red mutant variety with no lasers that explodes if it gets close (see Kankrelat Kamikazes).
  • Hornet
    • Normal variant uses lasers from a distance, but switches to poison when appraoched.
    • Green variety. Stronger and can use both lasers and poison from a distance.
    • Red and black mutant variety that flies in close and explodes.
  • Blok
    • Main variety uses fire rings from a distance and a freezing laser against close range targets.
    • Black variety that uses a heat ray that cannot be blocked.
    • Ice blue mutant variety that uses a freezing laser at all distances.
  • Krab
    • Main variant uses lasers from a distance and claw strikes from up close. Often charges to approach the character.
    • Yellow variety replaces the melee strike with an ability to release shockwaves that must be jumped over to avoid.
    • Grey armored mutant variety. Uses a stronger, unblockable melee and is invulnerable to weapons and deflections. Can only be defeated using Telekinesis.
  • Tarantula
    • Main variant attacks primarily from a distance with numerous lasers. With use melee strikes if approached
    • Black variety that gains the ability to generate a spherical force field around itself. Force field can only be disabled by deflecting its lasers back at it.
    • Armored mutant variety that can only use melee strikes. Charges the character very quickly.
  • Creeper
    • Main variant uses lasers from a distance and melee strikes up close
    • Silver variety that can only be damaged by Ulrich's sword. All other abilities remain the same.
    • Brown mutant variety that uses a heat ray that cannot be blocked in place of the normal laser. Still capable of melee strikes.
  • Megatank
    • Main variant uses the elliptical laser and rolling attacks. Can only be damaged when its shell opens.
    • Green variety that uses a horizontal shockwave instead of the elliptical laser.
    • Red mutant variety that no longer opens to attack, instead using only high-speed rolls. Can only be defeated by luring it into rolling into the Digital Sea.

Additionally, two new monster species are introduced, each with three varieties.

  • Volcanoid
    • Large black-bodied monsters with two large legs attached. Weakest variety only charges the warriors.
    • The stronger variety looks similar but with an extra red Eye from which it fires explosive shots.
    • Orange tinged variety that fires laser bursts that cannot be blocked. Features a flame barrier that only Triplicate can destroy. The one on the Ice Replika uses explosive shots instead of lasers.
  • Insekt
    • New flying monster. Basic brown variety uses lasers.
    • Reddish-brown variety launches cocoon-like grenades.
    • Blue-green variety uses lasers but is invulnerable to attack. Its wings can be removed with Telekinesis, after which it switches to melee and becomes vulnerable.

Boss Battle Monsters[]

The following is a list of unique monster species only fought during certain boss battles.

  • A Hornet-like monster that appears during the first stage of the Insekt Lord battle and during the final stage of the Magma Worm battle. Faster than normal Hornets, but still use lasers as their main weapon. In Fall of X.A.N.A., its model was used for the Mutant Hornet subboss.
  • A Kankrelat-like monster unique to the Magma Worm battle with a white body and armored appearance. Attempts to self-destruct in close proximity. In Fall of X.A.N.A., its model was used for the Mutant Kankrelat subboss.

Digital Sea Monsters[]

  • Kongre
    • Basic variety attacks using lasers while swimming in circles.
    • Darker variety swims in groups while invulnerable. They open their mouths, exposing their weak point, immediately before attacking by charging.
    • (No third variety appears in Quest for Infinity. However, a third variety, large and gold colored, does appear in Fall of XANA, which reuses the monster designs from Quest for Infinity).
  • Shark
    • Basic variety charges from the front to attack.
    • Massive variety approaches from behind. Possesses numerous laser turrets that must all be destroyed.
    • Gold variety lines up in groups in front before charging in unison.
  • Kalamar
    • Basic pink variety grabs hold of NavSkid to attack. Only vulnerable when shell is open. Can be shaken off if grabbed.
    • Smaller blue variety that attacks in swarms and grabs hold to attack. Will be destroyed if shaken off of NavSkid.
    • Gold variety swims in a pattern and releases shockwaves when its shell opens. Only vulnerable when attacking.
  • Manta
    • Basic variety appears often in groups, which use super lasers to restrict movement.
    • Black variety appear from behind while leaving a trail of mines.
    • Gold variety moves at high speeds in groups that fire lasers.


William appears in various levels as a subboss. In each battle he will either stick to a specific fighting style or alternate between two styles, each of which is invulnerable to a specific character:

  • Melee Style: In this form, William only attacks with spinning slashes and vertical chops. He can be staggered by deflecting his attacks. He will automatically block attacks from Aelita.
  • Super Smoke Style: In this form, William will occasionally use Super Smoke to move around. He will also use it to grapple characters and bring them in close for him to attack. Uses the same powerful axe-strike attack at close range that the melee form uses. He will instantly shift to Super Smoke form to avoid Odd's arrows.
  • Levitation Style: In this form, William hovers above the ground and primarily attacks using energy blade strikes from a distance. He can also drop down driving his sword into the ground to create shockwaves, which he'll often do when approached. As a flying target, he cannot be hit by Ulrich.
  • Levitation Super Smoke Style: Similar to his levitation form, but replaces the energy blade attack against distant targets with Super Smoke grabble attack from his smoke form.
  • William will also sometimes appear on his black Manta and use energy blades. He is entirely invulnerable in these cases, but will flee if all monsters are defeated.


In digital sea levels, William will sometimes appear in his Rorkal. His ship is fast moving, and shortly after appearing from up ahead, he will start firing lasers in large numbers.



  • Hard platforming



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Minor Characters








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Technical Notes[]

Quest for Infinity was built from the ground up for internationalization. Consequently, no matter what version, each version's videos have two versions each: one in NTSC, and one in PAL. The dynamic animation modules were coded to work for both as well. Since the graphics module was custom made, it didn't rely on the hardware too much. This is why the game was so easy to port to the PS2 and PSP. However, this made the game harder to emulate. Consequently, many emulators have issues with the game, with either lighting issues, missing elements, faulty transparency, missing colors, or desynchronized displays.

It's unclear what language the PS2 version was written in, but since it was released later, it was probably written in C++. It was compiled into MIPS assembly. The PSP version was written at least partially in C++. The original Wii version was written in C++.

The Lyoko rendering engine and Lyoko combat style were recycled from "Get Ready To Virtualize".

Character animation demo[]

A demonstration video of various character animations of the game was posted on the StaffCodeLyoko YouTube channel on August 25, 2013:

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