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Quentin Merabet.

Quentin Merabet (born July 9, 1991) is a male French actor who plays the Ulrich-related roles in Code Lyoko Evolution. He is most famous for his work related to Code Lyoko. He has a sister named Morigane, and a pet dog. Has been in a relationship with fellow Code Lyoko Evolution actress Melanie Tran since 2013, they have two kids together.

Roles Portrayed[]

Role Form Seasons
Ulrich Stern Live Action Evolution
Ulrich clone Live Action Evolution
Ulrich Stern French Voice Evolution
Ulrich clone French Voice Evolution

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Works other than Code Lyoko[]

  • "Inquisito," a French TV show set in the middle ages.
  • "Turf," a horse racing film.
  • "The Edge," a German-French film.

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Quentin Merabet's Twitter account: Live Feed[]