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200px-XANA's Pulsations

Pulsation energy leading to an activated tower in the Mountain Sector.

Pulsations are visible energy pulses emitted towards activated towers or X.A.N.A.-themed objects, such as simulation bubbles or living things possessed by its power. They mostly signify X.A.N.A.'s presence, and become stronger when the latter is most active. In Season 1Aelita uses them to know whether or not X.A.N.A. was attacking. Being connected to Lyoko at the time, she could detect them whenever X.A.N.A. itself was active.

Whenever pulsations run through the landscape of a sector, the ground shakes a little. The pulsations usually are emitted from active towers or Lyoko Wires, eventually with the paths converging towards what is usually a tower. In Season 1, they took on a red-white coloration, while from Season 2 onward, their color shifts permanently to white and are less visible than in the first season. More the one is closer to the pulsations' source, the pulsations become stronger.

After the Superscan was created, Aelita was no longer needed to sense pulsations, though they were still seen during certain times X.A.N.A. activated a tower. In Kadic Bombshell, the scan had been bugged up due to Odd's romantic follies. As a result, Aelita went to Lyoko to check for pulsations via her second sight ability, but could not feel them. The issue became irrelevant when X.A.N.A. took advantage of the bugged supercomputer and attacked Aelita directly.

In Evolution, pulsations were seen in Rivalry and looked more like red lines on the ground. They were later seen in Suspicions, when Aelita told Jeremie that she "needed to feel Lyoko" and detected how calm and serene the Desert Sector was, just like her father.


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  • Pulsations can be likened to X.A.N.A.'s footsteps or "heartbeats." In some episodes, they sound like rumbling or a booming noise.
  • The pulsations for simulation bubbles appear to be similar to the pulsations for activated towers, but the pulsations cannot be traced back to their source for simulation bubbles as Aelita could feel pulsations in Ghost Channel, believing them to be an activated tower that she could not locate. It also appears that Aelita can capture pulsations if they are transmissions like sound waves from TV or radio signals.
  • In X.A.N.A. Awakens, Part 2, Aelita could not see any pulsation waves, but she could hear the sound of a heartbeat in the tower and she could hear them echoing in the ground of the sectors.