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Possession is the ability of a digital entity to infect other systems like a virus. This is done through specters that meld with a target(s) in the real world.


X.A.N.A.'s Posession[]

X.A.N.A. is a multi-agent system that takes over other systems like a virus. By activating a tower on Lyoko, it uses its own digital impulses that it sends through networks to connect to machines and devices and possess them, becoming tools to control at will. It can manifest them as specters to affect real objects and living things, turning them into unnatural threats to attack the Earth.

In A Great Day, it was revealed that going back in time doubles X.A.N.A.'s power. When it hijacked the program, each trip increased its power, to the point where it could possess humans, transforming them into pixelized beings that do its bidding on Earth.

In Mister Pück, it attempted to possess Odd and Ulrich, but failed. It then tried to possess Jeremie and succeeded. It was later learned that people who have been scanned into the Supercomputer and virtualized onto Lyoko at least more than once are immune to possession.

Anything that has been possessed by X.A.N.A.'s specters can be modified in almost any way that it sees fit, gaining modifications that people consider to be "supernatural". Additionally, X.A.N.A.'s possessed victims are usually granted special knowledge, including how to get to the factory and how to interact with the supercomputer.

In Lyoko Minus One, it is revealed that the Scyphozoa has the ability to implant X.A.N.A.'s virus inside virtual warriors with its power to manipulate digital memory, effectively possessing them. The Lyoko Warriors' immunity to possession in the real world doesn't apply in the virtual world, ensuring that this is the only guaranteed method to take hold of them. The only way to end the possession is to devirtualize them through weapons or the Supercomputer Reboot Program due to Scyphozoa using an inhibitor to prevent manual devirtualization.

Waldo's Possession[]

Waldo Schaeffer, the creator of the X.A.N.A. program, has shown that he is also capable of also possessing people by activating an tower while virtualized, just like his creation can. However, they seem to lack the "supernatural" powers that those possessed by X.A.N.A. do such as enhanced physical ability, control over electricity and nigh-invunerability. Also, the possessed person's voice becomes distorted by Waldo's presence as when he possessed Elisabeth Delmas in Contact, he tried to tell Jeremie of his identity that and he wished to help him and the others defeat X.A.N.A. but was unable to be understood by them and had to use computer writing to send his message.


  • Sophie Decroisette revealed the writers had discussed allowing X.A.N.A. to possess humans during Season 1, but decided against it fearing attacks would become too similar.[1]
  • In certain instances, the behavior of humans possessed by X.A.N.A. seems to imitate their real nature. Examples of this include the X.A.N.A.-possessed Jeremie from Mister Pück, who displayed his usual calculating and patient manner. Similarly, Saint Valentine's Day saw a possessed Aelita mockingly apologize to Yumi as she knocked her to the ground, while a possessed Jim in Final Mix acted cocky and boastful as he enacted X.A.N.A.'s will.
  • Whenever X.A.N.A. possesses a large crowd of people at once (examples include Lyoko Minus One and Bad Connection), the effect seems to be less extreme. Most of the targets do not get enhanced abilities or powers, and their focus seems far less refined. The Lyoko Warriors were occasionally able to make use of these weaknesses (most notably in Bad Connection, where Odd was actually able to convince his attackers to make him a sandwich before killing him as per a final request).


Seasons 1-4[]


  1. Reply from Sophie Decroisette: "Why can't XANA take possession of one of our heroes?
    Because it's like that ! This is the answer. It was a rule - quite subjective, I grant you - that we had put in place at the beginning of the writing. Otherwise, the series would probably have gone to episodes that weren't very varied, like: a guy and/or hero are "zombified" by Xana and try to annihilate everyone... not very interesting. But nothing prevents us from changing things in season 2!" Catsuka. April 3, 2004.