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Park in Evolution

A deep area of the Park in Evolution.

The Park is an area in Kadic Academy's campus, with many trees, bushes, and clearings. In fact, the whole park appears to be larger than the campus itself. There is a secret entrance to the sewer to the Factory, via a manhole. It was used by the Lyoko Warriors in nearly every episode to get to the Factory. Jim will usually lose track of them here. Jeremie tells Jim of the path and he becomes a member of the group in Code: Earth and False Start, but he later forgets it all due to a return to the past. It also includes the gatehouse, which marks the border from the park to non-Kadic grounds. The gatehouse is the home of Michael Rouiler.

In Code Lyoko Evolution, it is revealed that Jim comes secretly to the park to practice tai chi.


Seasons 1-4



The actual park can be found on the eastern half of Lycée Lakanal.

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