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  • Rider(s): Odd (main), Aelita (sometimes), Ulrich (twice), Yumi (twice)
  • Based On: Skateboard; Surfboard
  • Mode of Transportation: Hovers
  • Life Point total: 10

The Overboard is a virtual hover-board mostly ridden by Odd and sometimes Aelita that was created by Jeremie at the beginning of Season 2. It is the fastest but also the weakest of all vehicles. Its colors are is purple and pink with the front is shaped like a cat's head having a nose and whiskers painted on. Aelita is almost as talented as Odd while riding the Overboard since she claimed in A Bad Turn that he taught her some moves.

It is unknown how exactly a rider controls it in the atmosphere of Lyoko, but they probably either use some foot sensor systems or can connect telepathically with it. It can easily outmaneuver the other vehicles and monsters.

When Ulrich first maneuvered the Overboard by himself in the episode Bad Connection, he asked Aelita how Odd manages to control it, and she answers, "He's not afraid of falling."

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  • Its name can also mean "over the top", possibly referencing Odd's showy riding style. Its name could also "to fall", which might reference Odd's tendency to be reckless while on the vehicle.
  • The Overboard is similar to board type extreme gear from the Sonic Riders series.
  • In Evolution, the Overboard has been upgraded by Jeremie in order to hover faster and come to Odd whenever he whistles for it.
  • The Overboard was the second vehicle seen on Lyoko; in the Desert Sector.
  • William is the only Lyoko Warrior who has never piloted the Overboard.

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