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  • Rider(s): Ulrich (main); Aelita (three times); Odd (twice);  William (once); Yumi (once)
  • Based On: Motorcycle
  • Mode of Transportation: Single wheel; Rocket thrusters
  • Life Point total: 30

The Overbike is a Monocycle created by Jeremie in the second season. It is usually used by Ulrich, but the other warriors on Lyoko are capable of using it as well. It is the only vehicle that actually touches the ground, as it uses one large wheel for transportation. Though, through the use of rocket thrusters near the back of the vehicle, it is able to fly. On the right side, it has a slot for Ulrich's Katana. It is dark green with neon colored lines. It is the slowest of all the Lyoko Warriors' vehicles and can be used to ram enemies, automatically destroying the enemy and the vehicle.

Despite being essentially a digital motorized unicycle, it is able to remain upright on its own and with passengers. It can usually be destroyed with a single shot by a monster, like the other vehicles.

Times When Used[]

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  • Overbike sounds like the word overbid, meaning "to outlive", possibly referencing that Ulrich is usually the last one targeted and lasts the longest.
  • It is the first vehicle seen in the Desert Sector of Lyoko in the premiere episode of Season 2.
  • The BPG Motors Uno duo cycle developed by Canadian teens Ben Gulak & Jason Morrow in 2007/2008 greatly resembles Belpois' Overbike mono-cycle.
  • As of Rendezvous, every single Lyoko Warrior (except Jeremie for obvious reasons) has piloted the Overbike.
  • For some reason, Ulrich (or whoever is piloting it) has a tendency to forget about its ability to fly, being overwhelmed by obstacles such as pits or rising walls.
  • In the short, The Big Race, Ulrich is seen running along side his Overbike at equal speed. However, the Bike's speed gradually increases, and it reaches the edge of the Mountain Sector before he does. This proves that his Super Sprint ability can stay at the same speed as his Overbike, even if its only for a couple seconds.


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